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‘Without Leiden University, I wouldn't now be living in Mexico’


Broadening your network, meeting familiar faces or getting to see that excellent lecturer again:

these are just some of the reasons why alumni of Leiden University came to the alumni event in
Mexico City on 23 October.

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Integrating data to learn more


Tremendous amounts of data are generated in scientific research every day.
Most of this data has more potential than we are currently using, says Katy Wolstencroft, assistant professor in bioinformatics and computer science.

We just need to integrate and manage it better.

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How does a farmer decide if his cow is a prize winner?


An anthropologist studying these farmers should not only look at the farmers themselves, but should in particular learn how they see the world.

This is what Cristina Grasseni, the new Professor of Anthropology contends. Inaugural address today, 30 October.

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Plastic between your toes


The sand on European beaches may look pristine, but in every kilogram of sand there are on average 250 microplastics: fragments smaller than 5mm.

These results are part of a study from Leiden researchers with the help of beach-goers throughout Europe.

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Doing justice to Indonesia's multicoloured society


A poor woman from Java plucks three cocoa fruits from a plantation, to use as seedlings. The judge convicts her of theft, but she is not sent to prison.

This is one of the examples of legal differentiation  that Adriaan Bedner, Professor of Law and Society, wants to examine in Indonesie

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Visit a Cleveringa Meeting in your area


The Leids Universiteits Fonds (LUF) and Leiden University organize  anually Cleveringa meetings worldwide, to commemorate the famous protest speech held by prof.mr. R.P. Cleveringa on 26 November 1940.

You're invited to attend one (or more) of the interesting lectures on current scientific topics around November 26th, in over more than 25 cities worldwide.

Meet your fellow alumni in your area at one of the Cleveringa meetings!

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