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You Have A Story

You know this: communicators today are called on to do more with less, to create memorable, shareable content in a media environment that gets noisier by the minute.

Developing your team’s storytelling ability is more critical now than ever.

But It's Tough To Be Heard

Rapid advances in technology and social media, shifting priorities among audiences and the challenges of effectively messaging across generations all require us to rethink our traditional communication skills and strategies.

Your team must think in new ways to elevate content above the noise, and engage audiences on a larger scale. Success is effective communication in a crowded, constantly changing landscape.

We're Here For You

For nearly five years, The Mathews Group has served clients with strategic communications guidance tailored to their business goals. As we grow to meet your needs, The Mathews Group is thrilled to announce our Communications Training practice.

Directed by former CNN News Group editorial leader Katherine Brennecke, our customized training practice offers collaborative communications coaching. We build your training sessions around your projects, and we tackle your to-do list together as we help your team sharpen target skills.

The result: you’ll learn how to find and tell the stories that draw audiences to your brand – and keep them coming back.

  • Discover strategies and skills for creating compelling owned media
  • Sharpen newsroom editorial skills and enhance collaboration
  • Gain effective writing tools to reach your audience

In her Emmy-award winning career with the CNN News Group and Turner Broadcasting, Katherine was a respected newsroom leader who developed effective training programs to help writers and producers better connect with network audiences. Katherine has a passion for helping communicators grow, and we’re excited to have her expertise and experience on our team. Katherine works with Melissa, Tia and the rest of our group to empower clients do what they do -- better.

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