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'Relations with Morocco go much further back than the first migrant workers'


The Netherlands and Morocco: relations between the two countries go back a long way. Assistant professor Nadia Bouras is researching these relations: 'In the seventies the predominant idea was that everyone had the right to their own culture and religion. That's almost unthinkable today.'

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Preventing, Detecting and Responding to the Violent Extremist Threat


This advanced summer Programme focuses on the field of preventing, detecting and responding to violent extremism and gives you insights in the opportunities and challenges of a networked approach. will be held in The Hague.
20 - 24 August 2018 in The Hague

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To anglicise or not to anglicise?


This variation on Hamlet’s ‘to be or not to be’ is exercising the emotions of the academic world in the Netherlands. 'We are not among the front-runners in the Netherlands. Our master's programmes are in English and our bachelor's are in Dutch - unless there is a good reason for doing otherwise.'

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Sustainability in populist times


Flying is cheaper than driving a car, but a disaster for the environment. Yet few politicians dare to levy excise duty on kerosene. This is only one example from a world where emotions and yelling are burying facts, and in which scientists lose connection with society.

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 New linguistic and literary aspects of Italianness /
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