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Open Court Sessions - EMTC needs on-court Hosts for our Friday Night fun sessions - are you the person for this job!

EMTC is participating in the Tennis Australia initiative - Open Court Sessions.  This will start the last week of January 2020, to conicide with the Australian Open.  OCS aims to attract many 25-45 year olds who haven’t played tennis in a while, or maybe ever. The program is designed to be relaxed, social and a fun experience.

EMTC is looking for an On-Court Host that can run the on court activities. The ideal person should be bubbly, energetic and ready to have lots of fun. Tennis Victoria will provide the Host with the training necessary to help facilitate the sessions. Running these sessions provides a great opportunity to gather valuable experience in the Tennis space, meet loads of people and have a laugh at the same time.

If you are interested in being one of our On-Court Hosts EMTC would love to hear from you asap.  Some information about the sessions and duties can be found here:
(There may be some form of reimbursement for this role.)  There are a number of three hour training sessions being held, starting next week, of which you only need to attend one. 

Please email our new Committee Member Sarah ASAP if you are interested: