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Supporting Learning at Home

How can parents complement the work of teachers? 


With a global health crisis upon us and a new era of 'learning from home', children are expected to continue their education remotely. Teachers are working hard to provide digital learning programs and communication to facilitate this, but students will also need support from parents and family members to assist with this transition.


Annie Brookman-Byrne (published in BOLD, Mar 2020) provides resources for parents as well as excellent advice on structure and flexibility, metacognition, technology and tips to support optimal learning at home. Read more


Catherine Brandon

Director, Genazzano Institute

Discover learning Strengths

Every child’s brain is as unique as their fingerprint. This gives them their own pattern of learning strengths. When parents and children know this pattern they can more powerfully engage in learning and discover pathways to success.


Read more about how parents can help develop their child's learning strengths.


Andrew Fuller


Rest to do your Best!

Did you know the brain consolidates memory and learning during sleep?


Educational and Developmental Psychologist, Clare Panetta, writes that sleep is one of the most important factors influencing brain functioning. Especially during adolescence, the effects of poor sleep routines or insufficient sleep can be disastrous. Read more

It takes all kinds of minds!

In our last issue, we featured the topic of 'Neurodiversity,' with a focus on understanding individual strengths in learning. Recently, Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2020 was celebrated around the globe and although a number of events were postponed due to Coronavirus, the message was still loud and clear.


The event planned by Genazzano Institute and  Neurodiversity Hub was re-imagined into an online presentation. To watch, click the links below. Thanks to Untapped Group and Genazzano FCJ College for their support. 


Part 1: Neurodiversity


Part 2: Neurodiversity in Education


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