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March 25, 2022
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How We Manage a Remote Team Across Multiple Time Zones

(The following is an exerpt from a recent LinkedIn article published by Garrett)

Having team members scattered across the world is no longer an anomaly whether you’re a team of ten or ten thousand.

Our small team of 11 spans three countries and four time zones, but we still feel connected - without feeling like we work around the clock. It isn’t easy, but it’s far from impossible.

This wouldn’t be possible without our tools:


  1. Slack for casual conversation and project discussion
  2. Github Issues for detailed project discussion
  3. Forecast for scheduling and milestone management

Together, these three tools allow our team to hit the ground running each morning with a full toolbox. Here’s how we do it:

  • Ensure Forecast is up to date so everyone knows exactly what is on their plate.
  • Create a scheduled Slack message to be sent at 9 am local time to outline priorities for the day, ask any questions and provide feedback. The scheduling tool in Slack is key to ensuring we aren’t pinging our overseas team during their evening and interrupting their downtime.
  • Use Github Issues to outline scope, provide necessary files and documentation, and deliver client feedback.
  • We have a daily standup that’s the start of our United States team morning and end of our overseas team day, allowing for comradery, handovers, and project updates while not interrupting flow time.

While this process works well for the daily flow, scheduling meetings with clients is a unique challenge. About a third of our team is 6+ hours ahead of the United States at any given time of the year. We encourage our development team to interact with our clients, whether it’s a project milestone meeting or retainer planning call, but aligning a Pacific Standard Time client with a Greenwich Mean Time developer is tricky.

Want to know how we do it - without sacrificing our culture? Read the full article here. (Note: you have to be logged in for the link to work.)

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