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Annual Subs 'Cycle Change' Notice, including fees for 2020-21

As Ralph alluded to in his President's spiel, sent to members last week, the Committee has decided to make some changes to the Membership Cycle at EMTC.

In light of the Covid situation we all find ourselves in, we have also included a discount for our current members who renew their subscription.

Please see the attached letter for full details:

We hope to use Tennis Victoria's new platform ClubSpark to send out our Annual Subs at the end of September.  Deb is working furiously to get everything in place for this to happen. 

There appear to be many advantages to this new system, which should have everything in one place. This includes paying your annual subs online, signing up for events we may have, and importantly Court Bookings. 

We hope to have the Court Booking system working by the time we are allowed back on court. This will give all members the option to Book A Court online, and also be able to see if a court is free before heading to the Club.

We will keep you updated on the process, inlcuding how to create your account. 

EMTC new Partnership with East Malvern Community Bank (branch of Bendigo Bank)

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with East Malvern Community Bank.  This is our local branch (located at 300 Waverley Road, East Malvern) and they support local people / businesses / sports clubs.  We are looking forward to a long and beneficial relationship with Manager Ruth and her team.  

We also look forward to introducing them to our members, at the Club, when restrictions permit larger gatherings. If you happen to use their services prior to our official introduction please let them know you are from the East Malvern Tennis Club.

We have included a note at the bottom of your Annual Subs Cycle Change Notice with details of our new account.  Please ensure you update any saved details in your online banking.