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EMTC Updated Return to Tennis Guidelines - 20 JULY 2020 LOCKDOWN UPDATE to Court Usage & Bookings

Hi Everyone,

The situation with Covid 19 restrictions, continues to develop. I want to remind everyone of what we, as a Club, need to do. The Department of Health and Human Services have mandated that every Tennis Facility can have a maximum of 10 players, on the Courts, at any one time. This means that we can only have two people per Court on the front 5 Courts (no Family groups of 3-4 allowed on one court).

It also means that you and your fellow EMTC member hitting partner MUST both register yourselves when you arrive. The QR Code and the paper system are available outside the Clubhouse window, in front off the Court Booking monitor. Spectators are NOT permitted as this breaches the 10 patrons rule. Guest players are NOT permitted at the moment.  

If you choose to arrive without a booking, you need to stand at the front gate and see if there is a free Court from 2 - 6. If there isn’t, you need to come back later. If there is, you need to check the Booking Screen and, if there is no booking for that Court, BOTH of you MUST register. Table number = Court number.

The Coaches from Futures Tennis Academy are exempt from the 10 Patrons count. This means that they can be on Court with a Client, and that counts as 1 player/patron. They will be able to use the back Courts, from time to time, because of this exemption. The back Courts are NOT available to Members at this stage.

The good news is that the members have an extra Court to play on, each weekday. I strongly recommend that you book a Court by ringing me on 0409 858 312 or email me at during office hours. I am running the bookings because Deb is busy organising our financial reports.

Let me be clear about the need for all of us to follow the Rules. If we do, everyone can enjoy having a hit. If we don’t, it could mean that we have to close the Club to everyone.  Our Club is run by a Volunteer Committee. Deb and the rest of us have invested  an enormous amount of our time to help the Club succeed. We are not interested in whether people believe the rules are fair. They are Law, and not negotiable. 

We look forward to seeing you out on the Courts. Stay healthy, stay safe and after Wednesday, wear a mask, unless you are on the court playing.

Regards Ralph

Ralph Muir-Morris
East Malvern Tennis Club


20 July 2020:  Please read our UPDATED Return to Tennis Guidelines V5, and Rules of Play.

Remember, all our communication to members is available on our website under "Court Talk".