2022#19 23 November

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela

AUGent & Africa Announcements

Lecture series and artistic interventions

Engaging pedagogy through the arts - four weeks from 23/11 onwards

The research group Culture & Education (Ghent University) kindly invites you to a series of lectures and artistic interventions. This program invites the audience to learn about how pedagogy can engage the arts and vice versa. How can the arts establish spaces where people dialogically reflect on institutional inequalities and cultural heritage? How can the arts engage people who think
differently in imagining shared futures?

We will explore these questions with experts connecting academia and the arts.

  • Laura Nsengiyumva & Hari Prasad Sacré: Decolonial storytelling workshop for grown-ups (23/11)
  • Renzo Martens: Hot Topic Lecture: from ‘Enjoy Poverty’ to ‘White Cube’ (30/11)
  • Fleur Pierets: Guest lecture on Queer Artivism (07/12)
  • Nizhónígo Yííkado: Navajo storytelling, performance and lecture (02/12 & 14/12).


Expo Lucie Kamuswekera in Amsab-ISG

Embroidered Past, Imagined Future in Congo

On November 18 2022 started the exhibition in Amsab-ISG Embroidered Past, Imagined Future in Congo with works by Lucie Kamuswekera, a Congolese artist who tells the turbulent history of her country through embroidery.

The expo is an initiative of researchers from Ghent University and The Ohio State University.

Until 31/3/2023


Pre-announcement of the call for VLIR-UOS Short Initiatives 2023

We are excited to announce an upcoming Call for Short Initiative (SI) 2023 projects to start as of the 1st of September 2023. This call for proposals will launch on 25 November 2022.

This is the second SI call within our new Five-Year Programme 2022 – 2027 (FYP2). We've outlined new ambitions for the Five Year Programme 2022-2027 whereby the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and associated Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serve as the main reference point.

Project budgets amount to a maximum of 70,000 euro for two years.


To Which We Belong

Filmavond over landbouw en natuur - 24/11

Dierenartsen Zonder Grenzen en WWF nodigen u uit voor een filmvoorstelling in Studio Skoop Gent. We vertonen de film ‘To Which We Belong’ (trailer) over een nieuwe generatie landbouwers en veehouders in de VS, Mexico en Kenia, die tegen de stroom in gaan. Samenwerken met de natuur, in plaats van de natuur te onderdrukken, is voor hen de toekomst van de landbouw en voedselproductie.

Na de film gaat Joost Dessein (professor Rurale Sociologie aan UGent) in gesprek over landbouw en natuur met:

  • Kurt Sannen (agro-ecologisch veehouder bij Natuurboerderij Het Bolhuis)
  • Laurens De Meyer (auteur van ‘Moet er nog vlees zijn?’)
  • Geert Janssens (professor Dierenvoeding aan UGent)


Global Health EDCTP3 exchange meeting for Belgian & sub-Saharan African stakeholders - 5/12


Together with The Flemish Ministry of Research, Innovation and Economy, we are pleased to invite you as a stakeholder of the European & Developing Countries Clinical Trial (EDCTP) partnership to an exchange meeting on the third EDCTP program the Global Health (GH) EDCTP3 Joint Undertaking (JU).

The GH EDCTP3 JU continues to support clinical research on solutions to reduce the burden of infectious diseases in sub-Saharan Africa and strengthen clinical research capacity.


Call for student proposals for the ENLIGHT Global Dialogue

We are delighted to announce the launch of the first ENLIGHT Global Dialogue event, which invites student organizations/associations from the ENLIGHT partner universities and universities across the globe to talk about student–led sustainability initiatives and share best practice. The event will take place online to facilitate global participation and kicks off on 31st January 2023 with the theme of Sustainable Campuses and Communities.

Deadline for submitting a proposal is December 9, 2022.


How do we fight? The many ways to defend our human rights

Human Rights Week at Ghent University - 5-9/12

The activities of the human rights week explore the notions of fighting for and defending human rights. Whether in relation to the climate crisis, displacement or abuse of corporate power, we will reflect on what moves us to act.

When do we decide that it is time to respond? How does a sense of urgency emerge? At the same time, the Human Rights Week will offer a glimpse into the many possibilities that exist when taking action. What are appropriate forms of fighting for and defending human rights? What do we perceive as ‘extreme’, or as ‘not enough’?

The activities of the human rights week will delve into these questions and foster conversations on the multiple ways in which we may play a role in fighting for and defending what we consider of utmost value.


Populism in the era of soundbite politics

International workshop - 17/12

A Conversation with Journalists and Researchers from Southern and Eastern Africa as well as South and South-East Asia

In this international workshop, we bring together the perspectives of journalists and researchers from various contexts in Eastern and Southern Africa as well as in South and South-East Asia to discuss the evolution of populist “performances” over the last years, the role of the media and how various actors in the Global South learn from each other.

The aim of this event is to create a space for exchange between scholars and practitioners to share their empirical insights into the diverse interplay between populism and the “general public” and how the perceived populist rise has impacted on the media landscape in South Africa, Tanzania, Bangladesh and the Philippines.


Young Researchers Overseas Day 2022 - 12/12

Organised by the Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences

On Monday, 12 December 2022, the fifth Young Researchers Overseas Day is organized by the Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences. This event is aimed at researchers younger than 40 who are working overseas in various research fields. These fields should fit into one of the scientific disciplines of the 3 sections of the Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences.

The Young Researchers’ Day is an opportunity to meet one another, discuss, exchange ideas and know more about the Academy (www.kaowarsom.be) and its activities.


Upcoming events organized by the africa platform

Tomorrow! Meet the Ambassadors Event

Celebrating 15 years of AUGent Africa Platform

WHEN 24-11-2022 from 14:00 to 18:00
WHERE  Het Pand, Onderbergen 1, Ghent
ORGANIZER Africa Platform of Ghent University Association
CONTACT  Annelies.Verdoolaege@UGent.be
WEBSITE  https://www.africaplatform.ugent.be/event/meet-ambassadors-event-celebrating-15-years-augent-africa-platform

We would like to invite you to a festive and networking event where we will present the Africa Platform of Ghent University Association to the African ambassadors to Belgium, in order to showcase the Africa Platform and its achievements.

This will be an excellent opportunity to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Africa Platform and to foster connections between the academia and the African embassies.