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NEWS FROM THE HAAS, JR. FUND     |    November 11, 2021
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Photo of AAPI rally. Credit Jamie Thrower

Forging Ahead with Gratitude

Dear Friend,

One of the silver linings of the pandemic has been that I’m more grateful for the everyday things in life. That my kids are attending school in person. Going trick-or-treating with my 9-year-old even with masks on. A year ago, my parents couldn’t visit for Thanksgiving because of Covid-19. But they’ll be with us this year. And I’m grateful for that.

Many of us have lived through an incredible amount of pain and loss these last two years. There is a sense of upheaval and uncertainty around us. A lot of concern about the health of our communities and our democracy, the injustices and the harms facing so many people. But I also feel a deep gratitude—and not just for the basics of being able to emerge, however tentatively, from the isolation and separation of Covid-19. I’m also thankful for the shifts we’re seeing in how people think about institutional racism and the stark inequalities around us.

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Cathy Cha

President & CEO
Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund

Season of Sharing
A Surge in Need

As it launches its 35th annual campaign, Season of Sharing is seeking support so that Bay Area families can find their way back to normal.

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Immigrant Rights
The Power of Language in Building Community

Executive Director of CIELO, Odilia Romero, joins Haas Jr.'s Dan Torres in a Q & A about CIELO’s work to protect Indigenous People’s rights.

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Democracy & Immigration
Our Close-to-Home Humanitarian Crisis

Haas Jr. joins other funders to support urgent relief for Afghans, Haitians, and other migrants in need of safety and due process at the border and beyond.

Maliha Sadiq Photo Credit Michael Smith
Haas, Jr. Fund News
Welcoming Our New Communications Director

Maliha Sadiq brings strategic communications and storytelling experience to amplify the impacts of the organizations Haas Jr. supports and the communities it serves.

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