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Welcome to the June speechBITE newsletter! In this edition, we are updating you on the latest intervention research that has recently been added to speechBITE. The papers included in this edition cover interventions for paediatric speech and language, adult language, dysphagia, AAC, fluency, and voice. Four of the papers are open access.

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Latest publications

Paediatric speech

Carl M, Levy ES, et al (2022) Speech Treatment for Hebrew-Speaking Adolescents and Young Adults with Developmental Dysarthria: A Comparison of mSIT and Beatalk

Combiths P, Pruitt-Lord S, et al (2022) Phonological complexity in intervention for Spanish-speaking children with speech sound disorder

Ng WL, McCabe P, et al (2022) Predicting Treatment Outcomes in Rapid Syllable Transition Treatment: An Individual Participant Data Meta-Analysis

Pegoraro-Krook MI, Rosa RR, et al (2022) Pharyngeal bulb prosthesis and speech outcome in patients with cleft palate OPEN ACCESS

Paediatric language

Scahill L, Shillingsburg MA, et al (2022) A Randomized Trial of Direct Instruction Language for Learning in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Siyambalapitiya S, Paynter J, et al (2022) Longitudinal Social and Communication Outcomes in Children with Autism Raised in Bi/Multilingual Environments

Adult language

Bambini V, Agostoni G, et al (2022) It is time to address language disorders in schizophrenia: A RCT on the efficacy of a novel training targeting the pragmatics of communication (PragmaCom)

Lee IT, Huang CC, et al (2022) Resting-State Network Changes Following Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Patients With Aphasia-A Randomized Controlled Study

Rose ML, Nickels L, et al (2022) Results of the COMPARE trial of Constraint-induced or Multimodality Aphasia Therapy compared with usual care in chronic post-stroke aphasia OPEN ACCESS


Pervez R, Naz S, et al (2022) Effects of Kinesio Taping Compared with Manipulation Therapy on Drooling and Speech Intelligibility in Children with Oral Dysphagia: A Pilot Study

Wen X, Liu Z, et al (2022) The Effectiveness of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Post-stroke Dysphagia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis OPEN ACCESS

Zhu X, Liu D, et al (2022) Effect of swallowing training combined with nutritional intervention on the nutritional status and quality of life of laryngeal cancer patients with dysphagia after operation and radiotherapy


Boster JB, McCarthy JW, et al (2022) Increasing reciprocal social interactions using collaborative art activities: An intervention for children with complex communication needs and their peers


Prince A, Marsden J, et al (2022) The Fluency Trust Residential Course for young people who stutter: A pragmatic feasibility study


Perin C, Mazzucchelli M, et al (2022) Feasibility of a standardized protocol for respiratory training with intermitted positive pressure breathing ventilator application in dysphonia and dysarthria OPEN ACCESS

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