8 February 2023#03
afrika Platform

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela


UGENT verbreedt blik op de wereld met WHAT’S IN A NAME?

Een geglobaliseerde wereld vraagt een aangepaste blik op de wereld. Het afgelopen jaar maakte de UGent dan ook een brede oefening rond de scope van haar verschillende regionale platformen.

Communicatiebureau What’s in a name? tekent in samenspraak met de internationale stuurgroepen voor de rebranding/grafische identiteit en zal het communicatietraject verder uitwerken.

Bewonder alvast onze nieuwe illustraties.

CliMigHealth Expert Seminar - A Climate Change Atlas for Africa to Guide Tree Planting in the Continent - 20/2/2023

Recently CIFOR-ICRAF produced a Climate Change Atlas for African trees. The atlas shows the contemporary and future habitat distribution for 127 tree species selected for tree-based forest landscape restoration in Ethiopia, where many of the selected species are important agroforestry species across the African continent.

The seminar will explain some of the methods and data preparation steps that were used to create the atlas.

CMSI Lecture – Conceptualizing Postcolonial Museology as Epistemic Restitution: An African Perspective on Decolonizing European Museums - 21/2/2023

As tangible and intangible legacies of European empires, ethnographic museums continue to revivify colonialism by distorting the history of the Other.

This lecture will introduce the concept of postcolonial museology as a crucial framework to help European museums navigate their colonial past by restaging African art in their collections. It will advance the theory that decolonizing museum practices constitute an ethical recompense for imperial epistemicide and ongoing epistemic violence against Africa. The lecture sets out a plan for understanding the future of African art globally based on the collaborative deracializing of museum taxonomies by the global north and south, not on the tokenish repatriation of a few objects to Africa.

Speaker: Clement Emeka Akpang (Institute for Advanced Study in Budapest).

Anna Lindh Foundation Knowledge for Action, K4A - deadline 27/2/2023

Open Call for Papers and Policy Briefs

To generate evidence-based research (first policy briefs and then policy papers) to overcome the limited knowledge regarding different fields of the intercultural dialogue with a Euro-Mediterranean vision and to feed public and policy debates and agendas, the Anna Lindh Foundation is launching the ALF Knowledge for Action Programme.

The Programme is meant to foster the interaction between research/academic institutions (think-tanks, specialised centres and universities) and civil society organisations through participatory action research.

Launch VLIR-UOS Call Short Initiatives 2023 - deadline 10/3/2023

Short Initiative (SI) projects are short-term projects of a maximum of two years. The projects aim to explore, build and deepen academic/scientific collaborations among diverse teams of academics and researchers.

SI projects focus on a sustainable development challenge. Project budgets amount to a maximum of 70.000 EUR for two years.

Internal application deadline is 10 March 2023.

King Baudouin Foundation Africa Prize 2023-2024 - deadline 16/3/2023

The KBF Africa Prize rewards African organisations which contribute to sustainably improving the lives of people in Africa.

It pays particular attention to initiatives that tackle challenges in Africa in transformative ways, which are resilient and adaptable in a constantly changing context, which have a long-term vision, and which empower people to take their future into their own hands.

Beyond its monetary value of 200.000 euros, it offers its laureates unique opportunities to increase their visibility and promote their cause to international audiences.

Global Minds Open calls - deadline 17/3/2023

Global Minds Fund provides opportunities to the whole Ghent University community to collaborate with partners in the Global South in order to address the global challenges of sustainable development.

GMF is designed as an ‘innovator’ programme that aims to (1) increase the production and application of innovative solutions to global challenges and (2) sustain, improve and expand equitable partnerships with actors in the Global South.

Two calls are open now:

  • Explore and/or Valorise Projects
  • Research/Education Stays in the Global South for doctoral fellows
Historical truth as a tool for decolonization

Podcast with Dr. Olivia Umurerwa Rutazibwa

The new episode of the Justice Visions podcast is the last episode of the mini-series on historical truth-seeking initiatives in the (post-)colonial state.

In this episode we zoom out from the particular truth initiatives in European countries, to discuss some of the overarching topics and themes crossing across the episodes of this series.

Our guest is Dr Olivia Umurerwa Rutazibwa, an assistant Professor in Human Rights and Politics at the London School of Economics. We talk about the capacities of historical truth-seeking initiatives to contribute to the decolonisation project, accountability, and ultimately contribute to social change.

SGroup grants for short mobility to Africa for academic and administrative staff members - deadline 30/4/2023

In 2023, SGroup is offering 15 ICon grants.

By providing members with mobility grants of up to 1000€, ICon (The InterContinental Academic Exchange Programme) aims to promote, facilitate and/or strengthen collaboration between SGroup universities (such as Ghent University) and institutions of their choice located in strategic regions associated with the Think Tank Academy (China, Latin America and Africa), as well as SGroup associate members. Only mobilities outside of Europe with a minimum of 5 working days (no maximum) taking place up to 15 October 2023 are eligible.


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