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NEWS FROM THE HAAS, JR. FUND     |    March 22, 2023
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Demonstrators rallying for racial justice

Imagine A California Where We All Belong

Dear Friend,

Who belongs? It is a question at the heart of so many of the policy conversations and public debates we are having in California and all across the country today. Who belongs in the United States? Who belongs at our public universities? Who belongs in our democracy? Who belongs in our government budgets?

If the latest demographic data on the California population reveal anything, it’s the need to keep pushing for belonging for people and groups that historically have not had equal access or equal opportunities. Nearly four in 10 Californians (39%) are Latinos; in all, almost two-thirds are people of color. Ten million of us—or 27% of the population—are immigrants.  

In this newsletter, you’ll read about good work that is happening across many fronts to make California a more inclusive state where belonging is reflected in our policies, institutions, systems, and public budgets.

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Cathy Cha

President & CEO
Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund

Photo of California State Capitol Building
Advancing Belonging Through Budget Advocacy

The California Budget and Policy Center recently co-launched the Budget Power Project initiative, which aims to support community-based organizations to participate in public budgeting processes, especially at the local level.

Black UC Berkeley students gathered outside of the campus' Fannie Lou Hamer Black Resource Center
A Black Community Space at Cal

Takiyah Jackson, director of UC Berkeley's Fannie Lou Hamer Black Resource Center, sat down with us to discuss the importance of dedicated programs and spaces to make Black students feel welcome and supported.

Local organizers going door-to-door
Achieving the Promise of a Multiracial Democracy

Dr. Lisa García Bedolla and Jonathan Mehta Stein, two of our Democracy Program partners explore how to get more Californians to the polls, especially voters of color and people from underrepresented communities.

Someone holding a cell phone with social media apps visible on its screen
Grantee Spotlight: Jessica González of Free Press

Our Democracy Program Director Raúl Macías spoke with Jessica about the work she and her team are doing in California to combat misinformation and fake news that distort our electoral processes. 

Local organizers going door-to-door
Welcoming Monica Martinez

Last month, we welcomed Monica Martinez as program director for our College Success program, where she will lead strategies and partnerships to level the playing field in higher education and reduce the financial barriers to a college degree in California.

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