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A few words from Tim...

Ahead of tonight's government announcement and the threat of more local and potential national lockdown restrictions over the winter, I know many businesses across the UK are preparing to weather the next storm. Cost saving is becoming of greater importance.

Making things happen

On that note, I hope this months articles will provide food for thought for anyone whose part quantities may be increasing. Getting the next step right can be hugely beneficial in the long run.

We have buckets of experience in that difficult 'middle ground' area where numbers have risen from prototyping or low volume manufacturing levels, to quantities more akin to production.

We have several clients who have tweaked the design of their metal part when quantities increased so it can be manufactured more economically in plastic, hence our second article.

Whichever your material and whatever your quantities, if you're looking to re-evaluate the process or production method, give us a call. Oh, and in case you were wondering, we're through the 'make-it-happen people' door!

As always at your service,

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Prototyping to production

What to do when quantities rise?

There are times when the quantities of prototypes required rise well beyond the conventional 1 – 10 type range. This may be due to the type of evaluation that is required, the number of people involved, the fact that the design is still uncertain or that they are really production items!

Methods can vary but typically the greater the numbers, the closer the prototyping method gets to the production method.

As quantities rise, the options become more limited and factors such as the geometry and size play a greater role.

Metal to plastic

Is it viable to change my part material from metal to plastic?

When assessing plastic as a substitute for metal there are many factors to take into consideration. Not all are strictly design based, other factors can be desirability, finishing options, production cost, or sustainability to name a few.

Motivation can also vary widely, from cost down exercises to weight saving and logistics.

Whatever the reason and regardless of whether this is a new part or a replacement, plastic is a very different material from metal and must be handled appropriately for the project to succeed.


If you have a project in mind, or would like more information, contact us and we will be pleased to help.

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