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Team Collaboration Opportunities

Engage with the iGEM Community

iGEM is much more than a competition, it is a community. Working together, building on ideas, and helping one another are key facets of iGEM. Below we've listed a few unique opportunities offered only to iGEM participants. To get the full iGEM experience, we encourage you to engage with your fellow participants and start communicating with the iGEM community today.

Grants Available: Deadlines extended!

Collaborate with industry leaders! Apply today and receive funding for your projects. In an effort to support even more iGEM teams, submission deadlines have been extended.

Grant opportunities available for teams:

For more on funding opportunities and a complete list of discounts and special offers visit our Partner's page.

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iGEM phpBB Forum

NEW iGEM forum: One of the most common requests we receive from teams is the ability to easily contact other teams, which usually means people requesting email addresses. This is a challenging request for us since we respect the privacy of our registered iGEM account users and thus don't give our personal information, including email addresses.

New for 2016, we are implementing a new iGEM phpBB Forum to help teams contact each other and easily have discussions with members of the iGEM community.

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Software:Wetlab Collaboration

NEW program: Help turn your team's ideas for software into reality.

All wetlab teams encouraged to participate and submit ideas for software tools that would make synthetic biologist's life easier.

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Help highlight iGEM's educational impact

This year, the iGEM Foundation, in collaboration with CRI and the University of Geneva, will study and qualify the different educational facets of participating in the iGEM competition. It will shed light on how iGEM fosters the learning and improvement of both scientific and non-scientific skills. 

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Please share the survey link: with all your team members (students and mentors). By participating in this survey you will help highlighting the unique educational contribution of iGEM. All data will be shared with the iGEM community serving all of us in gaining support for the iGEM teams in the future, both from institutions, universities and sponsors.


Be Social

Connect with iGEM HQ, Staff, and Teams on Twitter! And remember to keep an eye on (and contribute to) #iGEM2016 and #WelcomToiGEM to see the latest updates about iGEM! 

You can also follow iGEM HQ on Facebook! We post all major announcements on both Twitter and Facebook, as well as on

Community Bulletin

The iGEM community page lets you see what the synthetic biology community is up to. Check out the Community Bulletin for a complete list of announcements.

  • NEW: Software:Wetlab Collaboration Opportuntiy!
  • Survey: Share your iGEM experience. A collaboration with CRI and University of Geneva.
  • SynBioBeta Activate! China 2016

Have an announcement? Let us know and we'll be happy to promote on our our page.

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iGEM Meet-ups

Connect with other iGEMers in your area by attending a meet-up. Share ideas, discuss projects, meet other iGEMers and prepare for the Jamboree by practicing your presentations

Let us know about your event. We can help promote your meet-up. 

A member of iGEM HQ may even be able to attend your event.  We can't make them all, so let us know early and we will try to make your event!

Upcoming meet-up events

  • June 17 - 19: Nordic Meetup
    Location: Stockholm
  • June 24: NEGEM Meetup
    Location: Boston
  • July 2 - 3: European iGEM Meetup  Location: Paris

Visit our iGEM meet-ups page for the latest event information.

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