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Operational resilience in financial services – 7th June, 6.00pm
Operational resilience in financial services – 7th June, 6.00pm

EY will be presenting on the long-awaited final rules and guidance on building operational resilience in financial services. Operational resilience is everyone’s responsibility, and one that the PRA has re-emphasised is ‘at least as important as financial resilience’. Get it right, and you can transform how you deliver change while strengthening culture and building strong engagement with clients.

Professionalism CPD – 7th July, 6.00pm

The last year has seen a profound change in how we work. It has meant changes to how we communicate with people on a day-to-day basis, manage our professional relationships and continue to build our networks. This session will look at the important considerations in our new ways of working and provide tips and guidance for all the vital ways in which we engage with others professionally, to make the most of opportunities.

14th July, 6.00pm
Virtual painting class

Join us for a virtual painting class where we will learn how to create crashing waves, fleeting clouds and wind-blown sand dunes.

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Recent Events

On 5th May a team of data science advocates and experienced users from Barnett Waddingham  gave a very useful overview of how R can be used in practice to drive business decisions and support stakeholders make more informed selections when dealing with difficult technical questions. The talk also covered how the actuarial teams of the future should be equipped to optimise their know how.

We are always encouraging our members to get involved with the discussion, with the best contributions receiving champagne prizes for every talk. This month, we would like to congratulate Dylan Liew and Jack Nelson who swiped up the champagne prizes for best contributions from a student and fellow.