EDTA powder from Bio-Rad provides excellent chelation to assist with your electrophoresis needs.
Product Code Description Unit of Measure
BBRD1610729 ≥99% pure EDTA (disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate dihydrate) powder 500 g

Prepare your buffers to a physiological pH range of 7.3 to 7.5 using
Bio-Rad pure Tris base.

Product Code Description Unit of Measure
BBRD1610719 ≥99.8% pure Tris base (Tris[hydroxymethyl]aminomethane or Trimethamine) 1 kg
GelDoc Go Gel Imaging System
Product Code Description
IBRD12009077 GelDoc Go Gel Imaging System with
Image Lab Touch Software

The GelDoc Go Gel Imaging System gives you a benchtop imaging solution in a compact and evolved package. Acquire high-resolution, publication-quality images of both nucleic acid and protein gels. Advanced optical design for a large imaging area allows you to image up to four mini gels simultaneously and retain a compact size. Easily set up and controlled with built-in Image Lab Touch Software. Powerful enough to move your research forward, but small enough to fit almost anywhere.

Trays for use with
GelDoc Go
UV/Stain-Free Sample Tray
One included with system
Product Code Description
IBRD1708271 For imaging fluorescence blots, stain-free gels and blots, and gels stained
with ethidium bromide, SYPRO Ruby, Oriole, or SYBR Stains,
includes Gel Alignment Kit (IBRD12012160).
White Sample Tray
Product Code Description
IBRD12012165 For gels and blots stained with Coomassie Blue, copper,
silver, or zinc stains, includes Gel Alignment Kit (IBRD12012160).
Blue Sample Tray
Product Code Description
IBRD12012160 For nucleic acid applications with GelGreen or any SYBR Stain,
includes Gel Alignment Kit (IBRD12012190) and XcitaBlue goggles (IBRD1708185).

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