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Interpreting international norms for a more impactful Human Rights-Based Approach (HRBA) in SSR

How can a system-wide guidance tool grounded in international human rights norms and standards support the holistic approach inherent to SSR? This second paper from the HRBA Working Group from ISSAT’s Methodology Cell explores human rights due diligence obligations and clarifies benchmark standards of state actors. Notably, it explores the international jurisprudence established by the ECHR, IACHR and UN international instruments.


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Policy and Research Papers

Poverty, Crime and Conflict: Socio-Economic Inequalities and the Prospects for Peace in Colombia

In addition to the rejection of the peace deal in Colombia by a referendum, socio-economic inequalities in the country are another obstacle for the country in its transition to peace. Find out more from the latest research on “Post-Conflict Reconstruction, the Crimes of the Powerful and Transitional Justice” published by the Security Sector Reform Resource Centre.

Promoting Compliance with International Humanitarian Law

It is not the absence of law that is causing casualties, destruction and unprecedented displacement in armed conflict, but flagrant breaches of the most fundamental rules of international humanitarian law. This briefing published by Chatham House identifies ways and approaches to strengthen compliance with IHL and argues that the consultations conducted by Switzerland and the International Committee of the Red Cross is worth support.

Waging Peace: UN Peace Operations Confronting Terrorism and Violent Extremism

This policy paper published by the International Peace Institute points out to a significant finding on the presence of UN operations in seven out of the eleven countries which are mostly affected by terrorism globally and hence a gap between the policy debate in New York and the realities confronting UN staff on the ground. It also explores how this gap between policy and reality can be bridged.

Other Documents

Are Women Less Corrupt?

By referring to different examples, the article discusses the question of “gender and corruption”. In practical terms, corruption affects differently genders which results in the diversity of approaches tending to combat against corruption. In fact, corruption affects women in general. Further, it blocks women’s participation in politics. However, the inclusion of women in the politics as a tool to reduce corruption does not seem as a definitive and successful approach.


Federalism, conflict and fragmentation in Yemen

Is federalism the solution to Yemen's divisions? In this interview, Peter Salisbury explores what needs to happen to build a sustainable peace in the country.



Political Engagement with Non-State Armed Groups: Dilemmas, Challenges and Techniques | Friday, 11 November | 16:00 - 18:00 | Geneva

This Panel is organized by the GCSP within the frame of Geneva Peace Week. It will discuss the different dilemmas surrounding the engagement of non-state armed groups. The topic of the event is deeply linked to the contemporary challenges which arise from the situations of state fragility, the regionalisation of conflict, and the blurring of lines between the political, criminal, and ideological interests and objectives of increasingly fragmented armed groups.

Second High-Level Meeting (HLM2) | from Monday 28 November 07:30 until Thursday 01 December 2016 20:30 | Nairobi

The second High Level Meeting (HLM2) is organised by the Government of Kenya with support from the Global Partnership’s three co-chairs (Malawi, Mexico and the Netherlands), Steering Committee members and the Joint Support Team provided by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development and the United Nations Development Programme. The event includes a variety of activities such as forums for youth, women and civil society, workshop to consider findings from the Global Partnership’s second monitoring round as well as a unique platform to showcase successes and identify innovative approaches.


Project Coordinator Yemen (100%) - MENA | DCAF | Geneva| Deadline: 02 December 2016

Country Director, South Sudan | IDLO | Juba | Deadline: 06 November 2016

Senior Liaison Officer Office of the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen (OSESG Yemen) | Amman | Deadline: 07 November 2016

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