2021#1 3 December

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela


VLIR-UOS Open project calls

Call Short Initiatives (SI) 2022 & Call TEAM projects 2022

Short Initiatives (SI) projects are short-term projects that aim to explore, build and deepen academic/scientific collaborations among diverse teams of academics and researchers. They are very accessible, particularly for junior project promoters that are eager to go for a first experience as promoter of a VLIR-UOS project.

Deadline: 18 March 2022

TEAM projects are medium-term projects that aim to explore, build and deepen academic/scientific collaborations among diverse teams of academics and researchers. TEAM projects focus on a specific sustainable development challenge.

Deadline for concept note: 18 February 2022


Open Doors Fellowship Program for women researchers in Africa

Call is open

The Open Doors Fellowship Program (ODFP) for women researchers in Africa is now receiving applications from early to mid-career women researchers working at research and academic institutions in Africa interested in receiving the necessary scientific and leadership skills to help them advance their research careers.

The program targets women scientists working at national and international research centers and universities in agriculture-related fields in agro-biotechnology, plant breeding, molecular biology & genetics, microbiology, chemical ecology, plant & soil health. The fellowship is strictly for post-doctoral researchers who must have completed their studies in the last three years.



Technology and Culture is the leading journal in the field of History of Technology. Perhaps not surprising, the field and its journal have historically been shaped by western, white, and male-oriented scholars, leading to a biased and narrow understanding of the concept of technology and its history.

As part of the Diversity and Internationalization Drive, our editorial team of Technology and Culture is inviting African scholars to participate in the journal’s roundtables/debates/forums, to review key publications, help identify book reviewers, participate as contributing editors, and submit work dealing with Africa. We invite African researchers, organizations, and institutions, working on technology-related topics from a socio-historical perspective to join us in our effort for inclusive scholarship to challenge our narrowly defined understanding of technology.

Are you interested in collaborating with Technology and Culture? Or do you know a colleague who could contribute to the journal? Please, contact Leon Vauterin at l.v.j.vauterin@tue.nl. 

Upcoming events

Online conference: Ethiopia at crossroad

WHEN 06-12-2021 from 10:00 to 12:00
WHERE Online
ORGANIZER Members of the European Parliament Michèle Rivasi and Jan-Christoph Oetjen
CONTACT michele.rivasi@europarl.europa.eu
WEBSITE https://www.africaplatform.ugent.be/news/online-conference-ethiopia-crossroad

Since the beginning of the fighting in the north of the country, the war has killed more than thousands people and forced more than 1.7 million to flee their homes. According to the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and UN OHCHR joint investigation report, all parties to the conflict continue to be implicated in allegations of human rights violations.
Ethiopia’s multifaceted challenges require a nuanced understanding of the last 30 years’ political evolution. In order to understand the current situation, we have invited key speakers to discuss the origin of the conflict, the security situation and the role of the international community and the consequences of the conflict.

Online international conference - GAPSYM14

Africa and its ecologies: people and nature in the age of climate change

WHEN 10-12-2021 from 9:00 to 18:00
WHERE Online
ORGANIZER Africa Platform of Ghent University Association
CONTACT Annelies.Verdoolaege@UGent.be
WEBSITE https://www.africaplatform.ugent.be/event/online-conference-gapsym14-africa-and-its-ecologies-people-and-nature-age-climate-change

This 14th multi-disciplinary conference of the AUGent Africa Platform hopes to showcase how scientists, policy makers, engineers, artists, writers, opinion makers and educators anticipate the challenges of climate change, and reflect on alternative trajectories of societal transformation. Therefore its principal focus is on the impact of climate change on African cultures, landscapes and societies.

For this online edition we will use specific software to provide for - formal and informal - online interaction with the paper and poster presenters and with fellow colleagues. In this way we hope that the conference will still turn out to be an enriching and inspiring event.


Dag van het Gentse historische onderzoek

Thema: Gent en de koloniale erfenis

WHEN 11-12-2021 van 14:00 tot 17:15
ORGANIZER De Maatschappij voor Geschiedenis en Oudheidkunde te Gent (MGOG), het STAM en de Erfgoedcel Gent
CONTACT Annelies.Verdoolaege@UGent.be
WEBSITE https://stamgent.be/nl_be/evenementen/dag-van-het-gentse-historische-onderzoek-2021

De Maatschappij voor Geschiedenis en Oudheidkunde te Gent (MGOG), het STAM en de Erfgoedcel Gent organiseren op zaterdagnamiddag 11 december 2021 de negende editie van de Dag van het Gentse historische onderzoek. Het thema van deze editie is 'Gent en de koloniale erfenis'.


Hot Topic Lecture by Renzo Martens

Renzo Martens: from ‘Enjoy Poverty’ to 'White Cube’.

WHEN 15-12-2021 from 19:00 - 20:30
WHERE FPPW – H. Dunantlaan 1 - Aud. 5
ORGANIZER Research group Culture & Education
CONTACT Annelies.Verdoolaege@UGent.be
WEBSITE https://www.africaplatform.ugent.be/news/hot-topic-lecture-renzo-martens

Twelve years after his ground-breaking documentary Episode III: Enjoy Poverty (2008), artist Renzo Martens premieres a new film, White Cube. In this film, Congolese plantation workers build a museum on a former Unilever plantation and create art in order to create their own world. During this guest lecture, Martens will discuss his work; specifically, the responsibility the artist takes for the systems in which he operates.

Doc Afrika - Africa Film Festival Ghent 2021

WHEN 16-12-2021 at 20:00
WHERE De Centrale, Ham 72, Ghent
ORGANIZER Africa Platform of Ghent University Association, De Centrale, Afrika Filmfestival Leuven
CONTACT Annelies.Verdoolaege@UGent.be
WEBSITE https://www.africaplatform.ugent.be/event/docafrika-%E2%80%93-afrika-filmfestival-gent-0

The Africa Platform of AUGent warmly invites you to this year's edition of DocAfrica, a documentary festival with high-quality African documentaries.

On 16 December 2021 we will screen The White Hell (Egypt, 2018 - spoken in Arabic and subtitled in English) and Murder in Paris (South Africa, 2021 - spoken in French/English and subtitled in French).

The White Hell talks about one of the most dangerous and deadly workplaces in Egypt. Stonecutters and heavy-plant drivers navigate through clouds of white dust, which then enters their lungs, making breathing difficult. 300 square kilometers of limestone quarries, where 35,000 workers suffer from terrible working conditions, all for the meager salary of $3 to $4 a day.

Murder in Paris is a political crime thriller that traces the motives for the assassination of anti-Apartheid activist, Dulcie September. The story travels from the heart of Paris in March 1988 to the pursuit of justice in 2021.

After the film screening there will be a short interview with Murder in Paris protagonist Evelyn Groenink and film producer Enver Samuel.