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This month .........



It’s an exciting time here at Cre8 as we take on more new clients, renew relationships with existing ones, and head towards awards night with The Black Country Chamber inNovember! We’re really happy to be finalists in the Small Business of the Year category, and we’ll keep you posted on the results.  It would be lovely to see you if you’d like to come along to awards night, take a look here 





Our new offices in St Paul’s Square have proved just lovely so far, we’ve only moved around the corner, we love St Paul's Square so much how could we not stay there. Thanks again to those of you who replied to us when we asked for suggestions.




Is Success just around the corner?

Last year Cre8 launched what we call our #netwalking group….you may have seen some of our other posts about this. Netwalking is networking whilst out walking; fresh air, proper conversation,building great relationships, all topped off with a lovely pub lunch at the end. These events are now well attended, with double figures and some very interesting people coming along. But they didn’t start out that way….. Read the full article here




We're recruiting

We're currently looking for 1-2 new people to join our team, helping us with client sales campaigns and wonder if you’d spread the word for us? We need people with sales experience, and who share our positive outlook on life. Please send our details on if you can help.


Did you know?

If you’re cold calling you must screen your data against the Telephone Preference database, to be compliant with legislation. If you come across a company who are TPS registered, but you REALLY want to contact them, use LinkedIn to connect first, and then you can go ahead and call them.




Thank you!

This month we’d like to thank Amanda Cruxton-Chance, of Sales and Marketing company Flourish, for a referral. Thank you, Amanda, much appreciated.


Share the love!

We’re going to be sharing the love now through our monthly podcast series, showcasing some wonderful people that we know or have worked with on our journey. First up for September it’sSanjay Shah Sanjay was instrumental for us Cre8 ladies making huge positive shifts in our lives, personally and professionally, so we’re very excited to let you hear what he has to say! Listen to Sanjay's Podcast here  




Thank you for reading. 

Julia and Tracy x