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Number 433 16 February 2023



Hello  ACORNS subscriber

Welcome to the February edition of ACORNS for 2023. Together with our co-hosts, the Swedish Arts Council, we have been working further to prepare for the 9th World Summit on Arts and Culture on Safeguarding Artistic Freedom in Stockholm this May. We warmly welcome artists, cultural professionals, representatives from government, non-cultural sectors and wider civil society at the Summit. Register here to join IFACCA Members and the wider international community to explore artistic freedom as a fundamental pillar of cultural policy and examine how we can – and why we should – safeguard artistic freedom.

The Summit will take place from 3-5 May 2023 in Stockholm, Sweden with an opening ceremony on the evening of 2 May. On Day One we will frame the Summit theme and explore rights to artistic freedom, with a view to understanding barriers and threats. Building on Day One’s discussions, on Day Two we will focus on the responsibilities in artistic freedoms and the opportunities that can grow from the exercise of artistic freedom. Day Three will entail dynamic reflection on the provocations, challenges, and inspirations experienced by participants throughout the Summit programme. The Summit is a highly participatory platform with session formats (such as the World Café, Long Table, Open Space and participatory workshops) that create space for delegate voices and multiple perspectives to be heard. The official language of the Summit is English. We will also provide translation into Spanish and French.

We are delighted to share some more amazing thought leaders joining us at the Summit : Haris Agic (Sweden), Lucy Hannah (UK), Martin Inthamoussú (Uruguay), Ammar Kessab (Algeria), Frances Koya Vaka’uta (Fiji), KVADRENNALEN (Sweden), Marcela Flores Méndez  (Mexico), Katrina Stuart Santiago (The Philippines), Anthony Turua (Cook islands) and Trinidad Zaldivar (Chile). Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from their knowledge and experience.

Please register here to secure your place!  We strongly encourage registered delegates to also book their accommodation as soon as possible. Should delegates wish to stay at the Summit's hotel partner, please use this link by 3 March 2023 to secure rooms and at reasonable rates. We look forward to seeing many of you at the Summit for important conversations on artistic freedom.

As always, you can find the latest updates on the Summit website at artsummit.org. Programme details are regularly updated here; and the full list of is available here. We also invite you to read the Summit Discussion Paper here. You can also receive Summit updates via our ACORNS newsletter and our social channels (Twitter and Facebook, and via #ArtSummitSweden).

In other global news on cultural policy, we note the damage caused to important archaeological sites by the devastating recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria, including UNESCO World Heritage listed monuments in Aleppo, Diyarbakir and Nemrut Dağ. Meanwhile, in Chile, forest fires in the regions of Ñuble, Biobío, Araucanía and Los Lagos are having a detrimental effect on its cultural heritage, such as the impact on the distinct black pottery in the town of Quinchamalí, a craft  already threatened by lack of access to raw materials and recently inscribed on UNESCO's Urgent Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage list. The impact of natural disasters and the climate crises on the cultural and creative sectors is, thus, in sharp focus once more. With the expected return of the El Niño climate phenomenon later this year, scientists warn that global temperatures will rise “off the chart” and deliver unprecedented heatwaves. The need of the hour, therefore, is for accelerated efforts for systemic change by the cultural and creative sector. This is a concern well recognised by the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, which aims to create pathways for the industry to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, in line with global efforts to limit warming to 1.5C. Meeting in Bonn, Germany recently, members of the Charter discussed the need to move further and faster, if any real change was to be made. A timely reminder for us all.


ACORNS Iberoamericano


Le recordamos que continuamos entregando noticias del espacio iberoamericano tanto de los países miembros como artículos en prensa en general de la región.  Al final de cada edición de ACORNS encontrará la sección de ACORNS Iberoamericano.  Asimismo, nuestro sitio web cuenta con una variedad de noticias en español a su disposición.

National Agency News


A Sami approach to Duodji archives

Kulturdirektoratet - Arts and Culture Norway, 6 February 2023, Norway

In a pan-Sami project, three institutions have collaborated on a samified approach to documenting and continuing Sami cultural heritage. "As creative beings, we are constantly inspired by something, and it is important to illuminate and document that. Not to dwell on what has been, but to drive art and culture forward," says Gunvor Guttorm, a professor at Sámi Allaskuvla.


Arts Council Malta analyses the outcomes from the first ever State of the Arts symposium

Arts Council Malta, 6 February 2023, Malta

October 2022 saw Malta’s first national symposium dedicated to the artistic and creative industries, State of the Arts. Organised by Arts Council Malta, the symposium gathered together artists, practitioners, policy makers and creatives, offering a platform for discussion and debate on the trends, challenges and opportunities of the artistic sectors in Malta and the international contexts that shape their dynamics.


Independent Film & Media Arts Field-Building Initiative

National Endowment for the Arts, 4 February 2023, USA

The Independent Film & Media Arts Field-Building Initiative is a collaborative partnership between the National Endowment for the Arts and Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) focused on creating a space for knowledge exchange and relationship-building, with an emphasis on promoting regional networks, equity, and career sustainability for individuals working in the film and media arts industry.


Towards Creative Australia – a bold new era for Australian arts and creativity

Australia Council for the Arts, 30 January 2023, Australia

The Australia Council Council for the Arts welcomes the National Cultural Policy, which sets out the Australian Government’s vision for the future of arts and creativity and a modernised Australia Council. Australia Council CEO Adrian Collette AM said the policy was a transformational step in the evolution of the Australia Council.


Israel discovers 1,300-year-old coloured silk fabrics from China

China Federation of Literary and Art Circles (CFLAC), 19 January 2023, China

Israeli archaeologists have discovered hundreds of 1,300-year-old imported colourful fabrics. The findings indicate that there was a previously unknown Israeli silk road, branched off from the famous Silk Road network that connected ancient China to the rest of the world.

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International News


How Nigeria’s creative industry can contribute $100bn to GDP

International Centre for Investigative Reporting, 11 February 2023, Nigeria

Nigeria's creative industry sector is is yet to live up to its full potential, experts say, but has the capacity to contribute $100 billion annually by 2030 when the government and the private sector partner to create the enabling business environment.


UNESCO sounds alarm over quake damage to Turkey, Syria heritage

UNESCO, 7 February 2023, International

The UN's cultural agency UNESCO said two sites listed on its World Heritage list in Syria and Turkey sustained damage in the devastating earthquake and warned several others may also have been hit.


Australia to set local content quotas for global streamers

Television Business International (TBI), 31 January 2023, Australia

Australia is set to become the latest country to introduce local content quotas for international streamers such as Disney+, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.


Ministry of Culture to Hand Over 1,000 Sites to Private Sector Under Monument Scheme

Adda247, 30 January 2023, India

The Secretary of the Ministry of Culture Govind Mohan announced that the government is to hand over around 1,000 monuments under the control of the Archaeological Survey of India.


Culture Minister: this year marks Korea's rise as world tourism power

Korea.net, 26 January 2023, Korea, Rep

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Park Bo Gyoon says, "To mark 'Visit Korea Year' from this year to the next, we will make this year our first as a global tourism power and pursue policy to promote tourism."


Cultural diplomacy helps raise Viet Nam's position in the world: Deputy Minister

Viet Nam News, 18 January 2023, Viet Nam

After a year of implementing the Strategy on Cultural Diplomacy to 2030, issued by the Prime Minister in November 2021, Viet Nam's cultural diplomacy has achieved marked results.


France’s Ministry of Culture is pushing forward a trio of groundbreaking laws that may have sweeping effects on restitution

artnet, 18 January 2023, France

French politicians are planning to introduce three framework laws intended to facilitate the restitution of contentious artworks as well as human remains currently held within the country’s public collections.


Lawsuits accuse AI content creators of misusing copyrighted work

Reuters, 18 January 2023, USA

A group of visual artists has sued artificial intelligence companies Stability AI Ltd, Midjourney Inc, and DeviantArt Inc for copyright infringement, adding to a fast-emerging line of intellectual property disputes over AI-generated work.


Minister Catherine Martin announces new action plan for the implementation of the Future of Media Commission Recommendations

Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, 18 January 2023, Ireland

Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, Catherine Martin, announced that Government has approved an Implementation Strategy and Action Plan to provide for the implementation of the recommendations made by the Future of Media Commission Report.


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Arts Council NI publishes consultation report on Access Scheme for disabled audiences at arts venues

Arts Council of Northern Ireland, 9 February 2023

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland has published new research it has commissioned into the potential introduction to Northern Ireland of a UK-wide Access Scheme for disabled, D/deaf and neurodivergent audiences members buying tickets for creative and cultural events and venues.


New report calls for literary freelancers to be valued with fair and fast pay

Creative Scotland, 9 February 2023

Literature Alliance Scotland (LAS) is launching a research report on the worrying state of the literary freelance workforce in Scotland that is sending them to a financial precipice.


Who is influencing African youth?

Africa No Filter, 6 February 2023

The report, Who is Influencing Who? Unpacking Youth and Influence in Africa, found that 73% of respondents believe that African countries – especially South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt – have a global influence.


COVID-19 Audience Outlook Monitor 2022

Australia Council for the Arts, 27 January 2023

The Audience Outlook Monitor tracking study has provided the arts and cultural sector with crucial insights regarding behaviours and sentiments of arts audiences over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest analysis focuses on accessibility needs of audiences, and key insights are outlined in a new PDF report: How the pandemic has changed accessibility.


Creative industries in India have “huge potential”, researchers conclude in first-of-a-kind report

Loughborough University, 18 January 2023

The creative industries in India are “growing fast” and have “huge potential”, researchers have concluded in a new report that maps the sector for the first time.


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Opportunities and Events


Arts Council Forum: Connecting to the World through the City’s Creative Power - Present and Future of Tokyo

Arts Council Tokyo, 14 February 2023, Japan

Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture) is hosting each year a forum to discuss the current and important themes in the field of arts & culture. This year’s forum will focus on the value and potential that arts & culture bring to our cities.


WHAT’S NEXT? Digital Tools in Creative Learning

RESEO European Network for Opera and Dance Education, 3 February 2023, International

What is the impact of digital tools on the relationship between arts and culture education professionals and their audiences? How can culture foster inclusion and bridge the digital divide? What does co-creation look like in the digital age? Three years after the start of the pandemic, artists, cultural professionals and policy makers, RESEO members or not, are invited to address these questions at the WHAT'S NEXT? which will mark the end of the international research project Mind the Gap.


ASEF seeks writers on arts, culture and sustainability [Asia, Europe]

Asia-Europe Foundation, 25 January 2023, International

culture360.ASEF.org is looking for writers to contribute features and interviews to be published on the website in 2023.

The call will remain open throughout 2023 until 31 October.​


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Download Publications

9th World Summit Discussion Paper

Re-Shifting Centres and Peripheries

From Symbolic Acknowledgement to Tangible Recognition

A crisis of sustainable careers?

Supporting Culture in the Digital Age

8th World Summit Report

Artists, Displacement and Belonging



Bienvenidos a la edición de febrero 2023 de ACORNS. El Consejo de las Artes de Suecia y el Secretariado hemos estado avanzando en los preparativos de la 9ª Cumbre de las Artes y la Cultura – Salvaguardar la libertad artística en Estocolmo para mayo. Esperamos dar una calurosa acogida en la Cumbre a artistas, profesionales de la cultura, representantes de los Estados, sectores externos a la cultura y la sociedad civil. Inscríbase aquí para unirse a los Miembros de IFACCA y la comunidad internacional y analizar la libertad artística como pilar fundamental de la política cultural, cómo podemos salvaguardarla y por qué debemos hacerlo.

La Cumbre se celebrará los días 3 a 5 de mayo de 2023 en Estocolmo, Suecia, con una ceremonia inaugural la noche del 2 de mayo. El primer día situaremos el tema de la Cumbre y analizaremos los derechos a la libertad artística de cara a entender los impedimentos y amenazas a su ejercicio. A partir de las conversaciones del primer día, en el segundo día nos centraremos en las responsabilidades de las libertades artísticas y las oportunidades que pueden surgir de su ejercicio. El tercer día comportará una reflexión dinámica a partir de las provocaciones, desafíos e inspiración de los participantes durante la Cumbre. La Cumbre es una plataforma altamente participativa y los formatos de las sesiones, como las de World Café, mesas prolongadas, espacios abiertos y talleres participativos, crearán espacios para que puedan escucharse múltiples perspectivas y las opiniones de los/las delegados/as. La lengua oficial de la Cumbre es el inglés y se ofrecerá traducción al español y francés.

Nos alegra también anunciar la participación en la Cumbre de los/las extraordinarios líderes de pensamiento Haris Agic (Suecia), Lucy Hannah (Reino Unido), Martin Inthamoussú (Uruguay), Ammar Kessab (Argelia), Frances Koya Vaka’uta (Fiyi), KVADRENNALEN (Suecia), Marcela Flores Méndez (México), Katrina Stuart Santiago (Filipinas), Anthony Turua (Islas Cook) y Trinidad Zaldívar (Chile). No pierda la oportunidad de aprender de su conocimiento y experiencia.

Por favor, inscríbase aquí para garantizar su plaza. Rogamos a los/las delegados/as inscritos/as que reserven su alojamiento lo antes posible. Si desean alojarse en el hotel de la Cumbre, pueden reservar a través de este enlace hasta el 3 de marzo de 2023 para hacerlo con una tarifa especial. Esperamos verlos/las en la Cumbre para este importante diálogo sobre la libertad artística.

Como de costumbre, encontrará las últimas noticias de la Cumbre en la página web artsummit.org, con el programa actualizado regularmente aquí y la lista de participantes aquí. También le invitamos a leer el documento de discusión de la Cumbre aquí, y a recibir noticias en nuestro boletín ACORNS y nuestras redes sociales (Twitter Facebook, y en #ArtSummitSweden).

En nuestro resumen de noticias internacionales sobre política cultural, destacamos los importantes daños a sitios arqueológicos causados por el devastador terremoto en Turquía y Siria, que incluye monumentos Patrimonio Mundial de la UNESCO en Aleppo, Diyarbakir y Nemrut Dağ. Mientras tanto, en Chile, incendios en las regiones de Ñuble, Biobío, Araucanía y Los Lagos están teniendo un efecto dañino en la cultura, como a la producción de alfarería en Quinchamalí, una artesanía ya amenazada por la falta de acceso a materias primas y recientemente inscrito en la lista de salvaguardia urgente de Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial de la UNESCO. El impacto de las catástrofes naturales y la crisis climática se mantiene, por lo tanto, como un gran foco de atención. Los científicos han anunciado el regreso del fenómeno climático del Niño para este año y alertan que las temperaturas alcanzarán niveles de récord, con olas de calor sin precedentes. Los sectores creativos y culturales, por lo tanto, deben plantearse urgentemente esfuerzos para avanzar hacia un cambio sistémico. Este problema está recogido en la Carta de la industria de la moda para el cambio climático, que intenta crear formas para que la industria llegue a las cero emisiones netas en 2050, de acuerdo con los esfuerzos globales para limitar el calentamiento a 1,5 °C. En una reciente reunión en Bonn, Alemania, los miembros de la Carta debatieron la necesidad de hacer mayores y más rápidos progresos si se quiere un cambio real. Un buen recordatorio para todos y todas.



La SNC acompañará proyectos impulsados por la SEP

National Secretary of Culture, Presidency of the Republic, Paraguay, 13 February 2023, Paraguay

Marcos Ybáñez, vicepresidente de la Sociedad de Escritores del Paraguay (SEP), Marco Augusto Ferreira, secretario general de la misma entidad y Oriana Olivares, coordinadora de la librería La Paz, visitaron en la mañana de este lunes la Secretaría Nacional de Cultura (SNC), ocasión en la que conversaron con el ministro de Cultura, Rubén Capdevila, sobre la feria chacú-guaranítica y el proyecto de una biblioteca pública nacional.


Los usuarios del Bono Cultural Joven ya han destinado 15 millones de euros a productos, servicios y experiencias culturales

Ministry of Culture and Sport, Spain, 13 February 2023, Spain

Durante los tres primeros meses de uso del Bono Cultural Joven, se han realizado un total de 377.539 operaciones en los establecimientos adheridos en España, lo que supone una inversión total de 15.057.498,71 euros en el sector cultural. Solo durante enero, se registraron 193.303 usos con el Bono Cultural Joven, un 41,91% más que en diciembre. El valor de las compras ascendió a 8.236.491,33 euros, lo que supone un incremento del 60,61% respecto al mes anterior.


Responsables de áreas de cultura constituyeron una mesa interministerial

Ministry of Culture of the Nation, Argentina, 9 February 2023, Argentina

Se trata de un espacio para compartir experiencias de políticas públicas culturales, diagramar el mapa de actores del sector y analizar carencias y potencialidades.


Instalan el Comité Regional de Cultura Centro

Ministry of Culture, 8 February 2023, Mexico

Como parte de los acuerdos de esta reunión se encuentra que la Región Centro se reunirá para revisar los proyectos culturales específicos en los que tendrán colaboración Entre los objetivos está la descentralización de la colaboración entre federación y estados, el diálogo, el intercambio y la participación interinstitucional


Ministerio de Cultura y Alcaldía de Suchitoto firmaron convenio para fortalecer la cooperación

Ministry of Culture of El Salvador, 6 February 2023, El Salvador

El acuerdo fue suscrito en el marco XXXIII Festival Internacional de Arte y Cultura de Suchitoto 2023, previo al concierto de la Orquesta Sinfónica de El Salvador (OSES).


Ministerio de las Culturas presenta Informe Final del proceso participativo para el Anteproyecto de Ley de Artesanía

Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, Chile, 19 January 2023, Chile

Casi mil artesanos y artesanas fueron parte del proceso participativo para una Ley de Artesanía, que incluyó la sistematización de información histórica, diálogos regionales y uno nacional, además de una consulta ciudadana virtual.


El portal Somos Iberoamérica analiza los derechos digitales, uno de los ejes de la próxima Cumbre

SEGIB - Secretario General Iberoamericano, 2 February 2023, República Dominicana

Iberoamérica avanza para convertirse en una de las primeras regiones del mundo en contar con una Carta de Principios y Derechos Digitales que establezca estándares comunes para proteger a las personas en el entorno virtual y regular tecnologías emergentes.


más noticias de fuentes oficiales y gubernamentales...

más noticias internacionales...





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