30 August 2023#15
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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela


Visitor testimonial from a GAP fellow

Between March and June 2023 Dr. Sampson Korsah (University of Cape Coast, Ghana) was hosted by the UGent Linguistics Department as an AUGent Africa Platform research fellow, co-funded by the Faculty of Arts & Philosophy. 

Dr. Korsah had a very productive stay at Ghent University - you can read his testimonial here.

New Scientist Wetenschapstalent 2023 - stem op Emilie Caspar

Emilie Caspar (vakgroep Experimentele Psychologie UGent) behoort tot de 15 genomineerden om New Scientist Wetenschapstalent 2023 te worden. Jij kan haar een duwtje in de rug geven door op haar te stemmen. 

De titel van haar onderzoek: Hersenonderzoek in Rwanda: hoe interageren daders en slachtoffers na de genocide tegen Tutsi’s? Als eerste neurowetenschapper ooit onderzocht Emilie ter plaatse zowel daders en slachtoffers als hun kinderen. En zij zag dat de genocide langdurige sporen nalaat op de empathie die de groepen tegenover elkaar tonen.

Evénement final sur les femmes entrepreneures - Slotevent female entrepreneurship - 8/9/2023

Hoe ervaren onderneemsters met een diverse herkomst het ondernemerschap in België? Hoe steunt hun netwerk hen? Straalt hun herkomst af in hun type onderneming? Op die vragen zocht en vond het onderzoeksteam van Arteveldehogeschool a.d.h.v. uitgebreide gesprekken met 31 onderneemsters én 5 ondersteunende organisaties het antwoord.

Online course: Speaking science - deadline for registration: 15/9/2023

The International Plant Biotechnology Outreach and the Alliance For Science are sponsoring the registration fees for our network's members to participate in the online course Speaking Science in the framework of the Plant B+B project.

The objective of this course is to strengthen the communication skills of our scientific partners. This online training will be held weekly from 16th November to 14th December. The participants will learn how to:

  • Develop a communication goal: Communicating with purpose.
  • Understand the audience segmentation: whom to talk to and why.
  • Create an engaging triangle and stay on point.
  • Get their message out using social and traditional media.
  • Learn the power of their personal story and how to leverage them.
  • Influence policy using science diplomacy.
Seminar: Linguistic diversity in our education system - 19/9/2023

When Flanders was still ranking high in international quality studies such as PISA and PIRLS, there was already great concern about the great inequality of educational opportunities in Flanders. Today, this inequality is now accompanied by serious concerns about the declining quality of education. Once again, linguistic diversity is in the eye of the storm. But what is linguistic diversity? Is it a cause of educational inequality? Of declining educational quality? Does linguistic diversity offer opportunities?

We invite you to our seminar, based on joint research between Ghent University and the University of the Western Cape. International researchers will shed light on our challenges, followed by a panel discussion with policy makers, practitioners and young researchers.

IOM Survey: Understanding People's Motivations and Behaviors to Send Money to Countries of Origin

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Belgium and Luxembourg is conducting a study on the motivations and behaviors of people sending or bringing money to their country of origin. This survey, within the framework of IOM’s O-REMIT project, is intended to collect information on the profile of remitters, their motivations to send or bring money (remittances), the use of this money in the country of origin and the factors that influence the choice of remittance method.

So, are you residing in Belgium and sending money to your country (countries) of origin? Do you want to contribute to lowering the costs of remittances, so you can send more money to your country of origin? Then we count on your participation!



Victims & Transitional Justice Conference. Participation. Mobilisation. Resistance - call for submissions closes: 15/9/2023

This conference focuses on the trajectory of actions undertaken by victims in their struggle for accountability, truth, repair, non-recurrence, memorialization, redress, and disruption of a harmful status quo.

The conference will bring together scholars and practitioners working on topics related to these justice-seeking trajectories of conflict-affected individuals and groups, from the Global South and North, from a range of disciplines, and adopting a range of methods or practices in their work.

Internationaliseringsinitiatieven Oost-Vlaamse kennisinstellingen - projectoproep 2023 - deadline: 30/9/2023

De provincie Oost-Vlaanderen hecht veel belang aan de internationaliseringsinitiatieven van de kennisinstellingen en geeft deze al meerdere jaren een duwtje in de rug.

Bij deze oproep komen volgende activiteiten in aanmerking voor financiering:

  • Internationale docentenmobiliteit
  • Internationalisation@home
  • De uitbouw van gemeenschappelijke curricula
  • Gezamenlijk onderzoek uitvoeren, waar mogelijk met economische finaliteit
  • Het leggen en/of onderhouden van contacten

Projecten kunnen tot € 5.000 per deelnemende Oost-Vlaamse kennisinstelling krijgen.



Launch GAP Short Stay Research Fellowships 2023 - deadline: 1/10/2023

The Africa Platform of Ghent University Association is proud to launch this year's call for applications for visiting fellows. These Africa Platform fellowships are aimed at postdoctoral researchers who are affiliated with an African higher education or research institution.

The fellowships consist of a grant of € 1000 + flight ticket for a minimum stay of two weeks, which is meant to cover (or contribute towards) travel and accommodation costs and living expenses.
The fellowships can be taken up at any time in 2024.

Afrika Focus 36/1 is published - Transformative Constitutionalism and 'the Human'

Afrika Focus promotes critical and worldly debates with Africa at the centre. It accepts scholarly contributions dealing with current trends and new developments at both empirical and theoretical levels, and encourages the submission of work from new generations of researchers based in the continent. 

This issue is a special issue with Dr. Lwando Scott and Prof. Maurits van Bever Donker (Centre for Humanities Research at the University of the Western Cape) as guest editors.

GAPSYM16: Knowledge production, research ethics and authorship in African contexts - 13 & 14 November 2023

This 16th multi-disciplinary conference of the AUGent Africa Platform will be co-organized by the University of the Western Cape. It hopes to showcase how scientists, policy makers, engineers, artists, writers, opinion makers and educators reflect on the highly topical subject of knowledge production and authorship in Africa.

This conference will explicitly be a platform to engage on this topic, also beyond the academia, including the organization of writeshops, round tables and seminars to rethink existing paradigms on the position African research takes in scholarly production.


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