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SIAS Best Exam Mark Competition

Thank you to all our members who entered our best exam mark competition – we had an incredible number of entries this sitting, even though there were fewer exams this time. We know how different this sitting was and how all student members had to adjust to the new online format of exams in such a short period of time, so we want to congratulate everyone for getting through this sitting!


A huge congratulations to our winners, listed below with their winning exam marks and chosen charities – all winners receive a £50 Amazon voucher and a £50 donation to their chosen charity.

Some of our winners, featuring in the newsletter, also shared with us a bit more about themselves, how they have adapted to working from home and some of their secrets to studying for exams… maybe these will help you be a winner in the next exam session?!

Our featured winners will also receive the redesigned SIAS water bottle and a special mention in our social media platforms.

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Here are our April/ May 2020 Winners:
Exam Name Mark Charity
CB1 Cameron Zegeling 78 Shelter
CB2 Jake Calvert 91 British Heart Foundation
CP1 Luca Farrer 75 Off The Record Youth Counselling (Jump Start) & The National Eczema Society
CP2 Simon Wallace 78 Oxfam
CP3 Jake Helliwell 78 Macmillan Cancer Support
SP1 Name 79 Macmillan Cancer Support


Jake Helliwell
CP3 and SP1 winner

What’s your secret to studying for exams?
Flashcards. Classic.

What would you do on a typical day working from home?
Every day is pretty much the same these days. Other than actually working, I try to get a workout done during the day. I go out for a walk most days round a local park, which recently has usually included a stop off at the pub to finish off the day.

How have you kept busy during the lockdown?

Seems like a while ago, but a lot of early lockdown was spent studying. After exams were done, not much at all until restrictions were eased and we could get out and see family and friends. I’m hoping a holiday I’ve got booked at the end of August will go ahead, which I’m really looking forward to

Exam Name Mark Charity
SP2 Andrew Kirk 69 Scottish Wildlife Trust
SP4 Daniel Jones 70 British Heart Foundation
SP5 Sophia Pughe 79 Rethink Mental Illness
SP6 George Uzzell 74 Mind
SP7 Ka Ngo Chan 68 Albert Kennedy Trust
SP8 Rosie Bendix 77 Oxfam
SP9 Esther Goldberg 71 Jewish Care
SA1 Fiona Fan 71 Victim support


Fiona Fan
SA1 winner

What’s your secret to studying for exams?
Don’t look at any screens.

What would you do on a typical day working from home?
Looking at my laptop screen.

How have you kept busy during the lockdown?
Looking at TV screen.

Exam Name Mark Charity
SA2 Poppy Small 78 The Children’s Trust
SA3 Manfred Yu 77 The Tom Bowdidge Youth Cancer Foundation


Manfred Yu
SA3 winner

What’s your secret to studying for exams?
Learn the materials early, write your own notes, do the past papers.

What would you do on a typical day working from home?
Work-wise it is actually not too different from a typical day in the office: I would check my emails first thing in the morning, then get on with the spreadsheets and other risk management work. Working from home makes it difficult to differentiate between professional and personal life though, so I tend to avoid my own desk after work!

How have you kept busy during the lockdown?
Studying for the exam! After the exam I did quite a wide range of things: I completed a virtual half marathon race, did some drawings, practised the piano, binge watched documentaries, and had regular online drinks / quiz nights with my friends.

Exam Name Mark Charity
SA4 Rosanna Wright 66 Cancer Research UK
SA7 Mark Hurdley 82 PSP Association
SA7 Sophia Pughe 82 Rethink Mental Illness


A very well done to all our SIAS members who also passed their exams – keep studying hard as there will be another chance to win in our SIAS competition following the September/ October 2020 sitting!