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A few words from Tim...

End of January already and it's a positive start to 2021 with the arrival of a new CNC machine. 

We've gone for a Fanuc 4 axis this time, which should give us more production capacity, especially once we've introduced Tim2.0 (our cobot - remember him?!)


We're moving forwards steadily with plans for our premises move too and hoping we'll be on our way before too long so keeping fingers crossed it all falls into place.

We continue to navigate the challenges and worries of COVID and as if that wasn't enough, we find we now need to add shipping to the list of issues to contend with. With the new rules around imports and exports not overly clear to even the most experienced of hauliers, it's been something of a challenge to say the least for us all! Has anyone else gone quietly crazy with it these last few weeks?!

I must admit it's only served to make local manufacturing look even more attractive. Thank goodness for the incredible skills and resources that we have here in the UK. Between our own capabilities through Adept Precision, and a fantastic supply base of trusted individuals we are well placed to support your urgent needs.

As ever, we are at your service and here to help.

Plunkett Associates
Fanuc cnc machine

Delivery of another Fanuc CNC machine!

It was a cold winter's morning but we were delighted to see our new 4 axis Fanuc CNC machine arrive!

We continually strive to provide clients with the highest quality service for all manufacturing needs and it is imperative for us to ensure that client’s expectations are being exceeded wherever possible.

One of the main ways that we endeavour to achieve this is through management of our supplier network, including our own sister company, Adept Precision. This enables us to be reactive to client enquiries, and actively responsive in getting parts made quickly for clients with time constraints.

Machining, Tooling & Moulding Services

Adept Precision provides high quality Tooling and Moulding... and CNC machining

Our sister company, Adept Precision has grown enormously since it's conception almost 5 years ago!

It has already developed a reputation for high quality tooling, and a skillset capable of injection moulding diverse quantities from low volumes for prototyping to full scale production runs. 

We are now seeing a huge increase in CNC machining requirements due to the coronavirus pandemic making transport much more complicated, resulting in increased shipping costs particularly from the Far East.

Adept Precsion has the expertese and skills to manage prototype parts plus the machines and automation to support production quantities. And if we don't have capacity we'll know someone else who will!

As the management company for Adept Precision, Plunkett's can offer a wide range of accompanying processes in order to for fill your complete project requirements. It's worth giving us a call; we're always happy to help.


If you have a project in mind, or would like more information, contact us and we will be pleased to help.

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