2022#20 7 December

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela

AUGent & Africa Announcements

Ghent University broadens its view of the world

Changes in the regional platforms

Last year, Ghent University conducted a broad exercise on the scope and vision of its various regional platforms. The world has indeed evolved considerably since the creation of the first regional platforms 15 years ago. More and more countries are putting themselves on the map academically. Ghent University therefore has more and more partnerships around the world and has also become increasingly active internationally.

To take advantage of the opportunity to strengthen partnerships in various regions, all regional platforms will actually have a stronger regional focus, and country-based platforms will no longer be used. In addition the start-up of a new North America Platform is currently being prepared.


Stap per stap door de dekolonisatie

Podcast van UNYA Gent

Stilstaan bij de koloniale geschiedenis van de stad: “Stap per stap door de dekolonisatie” is een audiowalk in het hartje van Gent, waarbij jullie als luisteraars op verschillende locaties de kans krijgen even stil te staan bij de koloniale geschiedenis van de stad. Eryckah Sway, de host van de audiowalk, gaat tijdens elke aflevering in gesprek met activisten, professoren en studenten.

Deze audiowalk is een project van UNYA Gent, gefinancierd door Global Minds Fund. Als studenten hopen we op deze manier open conversatie te stimuleren waarbij onze geschiedenis in zijn huidige context wordt geplaatst.


Book presentation Muriam Haleh Davis - 21/12

Markets of civilization. Islam and Racial Capitalism in Algeria

We kindly invite you on Wednesday 21 December to a presentation by professor Muriam Haleh Davis of her new book "Markets of Civilization: Islam and Racial Capitalism in Algeria".

Professor Sami Zemni will act as discussant.

In Markets of Civilization Muriam Haleh Davis provides a history of racial capitalism, showing how Islam became a racial category that shaped economic development in colonial and postcolonial Algeria.


Launch of the University Network IQ-GEAR in Ethiopia

Recently, Ambo University, Addis Ababa University (College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine), Hawassa University, Jimma University and Ghent University have united forces into a University Network called IQ-GEAR (acronym for Interuniversity Collaboration for Quality Graduate Education and Research in Ethiopia).

The vision of IQ-QEAR is to transform both postgraduate education and research quality, and to become a driver of equitable and sustainable development in Ethiopia.


Lecture series and artistic interventions

Engaging pedagogy through the arts - four weeks from 23/11 onwards

The research group Culture & Education (Ghent University) kindly invites you to a series of lectures and artistic interventions. This program invites the audience to learn about how pedagogy can engage the arts and vice versa. How can the arts establish spaces where people dialogically reflect on institutional inequalities and cultural heritage? How can the arts engage people who think
differently in imagining shared futures?

We will explore these questions with experts connecting academia and the arts.

  • Laura Nsengiyumva & Hari Prasad Sacré: Decolonial storytelling workshop for grown-ups (23/11)
  • Renzo Martens: Hot Topic Lecture: from ‘Enjoy Poverty’ to ‘White Cube’ (30/11)
  • Fleur Pierets: Guest lecture on Queer Artivism (07/12)
  • Nizhónígo Yííkado: Navajo storytelling, performance and lecture (02/12 & 14/12).


Expo Lucie Kamuswekera

Embroidered past, imagined future in Congo

On 18 November 2022, Amsab-ISG launched the exhibition ‘Embroidered Past, Imagined Future in Congo’ with works by Lucie Kamuswekera, a Congolese artist who narrates the turbulent history of her country through embroideries.

The expo is an initiative of researchers from Ghent University and The Ohio State University.

Still until 31/3/2023


How do we fight? The many ways to defend our human rights

Human Rights Week at Ghent University - 5-9/12

The activities of the human rights week explore the notions of fighting for and defending human rights. Whether in relation to the climate crisis, displacement or abuse of corporate power, we will reflect on what moves us to act.

When do we decide that it is time to respond? How does a sense of urgency emerge? At the same time, the Human Rights Week will offer a glimpse into the many possibilities that exist when taking action. What are appropriate forms of fighting for and defending human rights? What do we perceive as ‘extreme’, or as ‘not enough’?

The activities of the human rights week will delve into these questions and foster conversations on the multiple ways in which we may play a role in fighting for and defending what we consider of utmost value.


Call for student proposals for the ENLIGHT Global Dialogue

Deadline is 9 December

We are delighted to announce the launch of the first ENLIGHT Global Dialogue event, which invites student organizations/associations from the ENLIGHT partner universities and universities across the globe to talk about student–led sustainability initiatives and share best practice. The event will take place online to facilitate global participation and kicks off on 31st January 2023 with the theme of Sustainable Campuses and Communities.

Deadline for submitting a proposal is December 9, 2022.


Pan-African Nematology Network workshop

From 1-3 March 2023, the second international PANEMA workshop will take place in Mbombela, South Africa. This 3-day workshop, hosted by the University of Mpumalanga (in cooperation with North West University, the Agricultural Research Council and with support from Syngenta), will bring together trained nematologists, early-career researchers, students, agricultural extension workers, farmers and other stakeholders from across South Africa, Africa and beyond.

This event builds on the success of the first PANEMA workshop, held in Eldoret, Kenya in February 2022, where more than 100 participants travelled from across Africa to attend the event.


2nd International Conference on Biodiversity in the Congo Basin

Challenges for the future - March 2023

This second conference will address themes linking biodiversity, climate change and public health: biodiversity and food security, valorization of ecosystem services, biodiversity and climate change, sustainable agriculture, developing and facilitating supra-national and interregional cooperation in scientific research, new approaches to conservation, sustainable exploitation of natural resources, forestry and biodiversity, industrial development and biodiversity, availability of official environmental data, urban biodiversity, and policy-making.