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Number 438 19 July 2023



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Safeguarding artistic freedom in times of polycrisis

This month we are pleased to release the Report on the 9th World Summit on Arts and Culture, which – as IFACCA’s Executive Director, Magdalena Moreno Mujica writes in her introduction – ‘captures the energy and breadth of discussion and debate that took place during our Summit in Stockholm in May 2023 rather than a chronological order of the days and topics. The report shares ideas and conclusions – where they were possible – on risks and urgent actions required.’ In this edition of ACORNS, we share with you some of the key takeaways from the Summit and invite you to engage with the Report (available in both English and Spanish) in full.

The collective conversation at the Summit with speakers and delegates established that artistic freedom is a complex notion, at once both universal and contextual. This calls for a comprehensive approach that considers and addresses all rights included as integral parts of artistic freedom (that is, the right to create and express oneself freely; the right to have one’s work remunerated, supported, and distributed; the rights to freedom of movement and freedom of association; social and economic rights; and the right to participate in cultural life). In addition, it acknowledges that the decision on when to advance the agenda for artistic freedom may vary from one context to another.

The Summit concluded that in these hyper-digital and uncertain times, threats to artistic freedom were increasing, including in countries and contexts that have traditionally excelled in safeguarding these rights and freedoms. It was noted that more subtle and elusive covert threats (such as denial of access to infrastructure or unsustainable working conditions for cultural workers) were growing alongside the more overt, easily observed ones (such as censorship and restrictive legislation).

In this context, the Summit called for strengthening the social value of art and artists towards assuring true agency for the sector to demand accountability from all powers that be. At the same time, the Summit also recognised that the exercise of artistic freedom, by artists and other cultural workers, remains a delicate balance between their rights and responsibilities. The urgent need to redistribute power and resources (including funds, capital, information, and opportunities) was also firmly underlined, both within the cultural and creative sectors worldwide as well as in transnational exchanges. Decolonising the language and approaches we employ within the sector was also highlighted as integral to creating a more inclusive and dynamic environment for all.

The call for continuous and collective action - in alliance with state and non-state actors across sectors and borders - was unequivocal. As Kajsa Ravin, Director General of the Summit’s co-host, the Swedish Arts Council, eloquently appealed, “Let us not just imagine a world where we can improve conditions for arts and culture. My vision is that we can take decisive actions together to make it a reality.”

Please share the Report on the 9th World Summit on Arts and Culture widely in your networks!


ACORNS Iberoamericano


Le recordamos que continuamos entregando noticias del espacio iberoamericano tanto de los países miembros como artículos en prensa en general de la región.  Al final de cada edición de ACORNS encontrará la sección de ACORNS Iberoamericano.  Asimismo, nuestro sitio web cuenta con una variedad de noticias en español a su disposición.

National Agency News


Creative New Zealand launches next five-year navigation map for Pacific arts

Creative New Zealand - Toi Aotearoa, 18 July 2023, New Zealand

Following significant fono, talanoa, and engagement with the Pacific Arts community, [Creative New Zealand] are proud to share [the] Pacific Arts Strategy 2023-2028.


Curtain Comes Down on Culture Month Activities

National Arts Council of Zimbabwe, 14 July 2023, Zimbabwe

The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) and the European Union (EU) on Friday 14 July, marked the successful conclusion of the second edition of Culture Month, a collaborative initiative promoting cultural diversity, unity, and peace. This partnership, the first ever of its kind, further expanded the reach and influence of both the NACZ and the EU in safeguarding and celebrating Zimbabwean cultural diversity.


Digital transformation urgent for culture and tourism

Viet Nam News, 9 July 2023, Viet Nam

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MoCST) is embarking on synchronous digital transformation from policy to action, considering it as a strategic breakthrough solution to build Việt Nam into a powerful and prosperous country.


New Partnership Initiative to Support Yukon's Emerging Indigenous Artists

Canada Council for the Arts, 29 June 2023, Canada

The Government of Yukon and the Canada Council for the Arts are pleased to announce the creation and implementation of a new partnership initiative to support Yukon's emerging Indigenous artists and cultural carriers. The Canada Council is partnering with the Government of Yukon to distribute $50,000 in funding to artists in the first year and $150,000 in the second year.


First-ever music policy prepared to address copyright, piracy issues

Dawn, 27 June 2023, Pakistan

The first-ever music policy to address piracy, copyrights and other issues has been prepared, according to Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb.


New vision for creative industries

Arts Council England, 15 June 2023, England

The Government and the Creative Industries Council have published their vision for the creative industries. It sets out how the public and private sectors will work together to help the creative industries – including the cultural sector - grow and contribute to the UK’s economy.

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International News


Bill protecting artistic expression receives unanimous parliamentary approval

Malta Today, 12 July 2023, Malta

A Bill aimed at protecting artists from prosecution over insults and threats made through their work has been approved by parliament. The Bill, titled the Act to Strengthen the Freedom of Artistic Expression, received unanimous approval by the House, and now needs the President’s signature to become law.


Brazil implements National Export Culture Policy

Brazil-Arab News Agency (ANBA), 11 July 2023, Brazil

After approval by Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva [...], the National Policy for Export Culture was announced in the Official Federal Gazette. One of its goals is to improve public policies aimed at foreign trade.


Cultural Fund to issue loans to artists through CRDB Bank

Daily News, 10 July 2023, Tanzania

Low interest rate loans to local artists from the Culture and Arts Fund will continue but this time around they will be obtained through CRDB Bank. The Fund under the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Sports signed an agreement with CRDB Bank in Dar es Salaam over the weekend to provide the loans at 9.0 per cent interest rate. The fund has so far dished out 1.077bn/- loans to artists since it opened the loan window last December.


G20 meetings helped placing culture at heart of policy-making: Union Minister Pralhad Joshi

The Hindu,10 July 2023, India

The G20 working group meetings have progressed from identifying and deliberating on four key priorities to seek consensus on action-oriented recommendations that would be a significant step in placing culture at the heart of policy-making, Union Minister Pralhad Joshi said on July 10. 


Ministers of Culture of Ukraine, Latvia, Poland and Lithuania initiate Intl Fund for Protection of Ukraine's Cultural Heritage

Interfax, 10 July 2023, Ukraine

The Ministers of Culture of Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia, with the participation of a UNESCO representative, initiated strengthening support for the cultural heritage of Ukraine through special financial instruments and the creation of the International Fund for the Protection of Ukraine's Cultural Heritage.


Streaming Platforms to Contribute to Czech Audiovisual Fund

Film New Europe, 10 July 2023, Czech Republic

Streamers including both domestic and foreign streamers, will be obliged under a new plan put forward by the Czech Ministry of Culture to allocate 2% of their revenues to the Czech Film Fund. They will join cinemas, broadcasters and other content platforms.


Netherlands Announces Return of Cultural Objects to Indonesia

The Diplomat, 7 July 2023, Netherlands

The government of the Netherlands has agreed to return hundreds of cultural objects that were taken from Indonesia during its 350-year colonial rule over the archipelago, the latest step that it has made to address the legacies of the Dutch colonial era.


Museums in Scotland required to pay Living Wage to apply for public funding

Museums Association, 4 July 2023, Scotland

Museums and galleries in Scotland must pay all of their workers at least the real Living Wage to apply for grants, following changes to funding criteria introduced by Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS).


UNESCO Almaty Presented Recommendations for the Digital Skills Development for Cultural and Creative Industries in Central Asia

UNESCO, 3 July 2023, International

UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office held the online wrap-up event of the “Strengthening Digital Literacy Skills and Competencies and Promoting Gender Equality in Cultural and Creative Sectors in Central Asia” extra-budgetary project funded by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea via Korean-UNESCO Funds-in-Trust (KFIT). The aim of the event was to present a series of recommendations for the development of digital skills in the cultural and creative industries in Central Asia, formulated within the framework of national research conducted for Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.


Lawsuit says OpenAI violated US authors' copyrights to train AI chatbot

Reuters, 30 June 2023, USA

Two U.S. authors sued OpenAI in San Francisco federal court on Wednesday, claiming in a proposed class action that the company misused their works to "train" its popular generative artificial-intelligence system ChatGPT.


New Agency for Intellectual Property Rights to Be Established in Egypt

CairoScene, 25 June 2023, Egypt

The Egyptian House of Representatives has approved a draft law to establish the Egyptian Agency for Intellectual Property Rights. The agency will be responsible for supervising all forms of intellectual property in Egypt in line with international conventions and standards. It aims to advance technological innovation, human creativity, scientific research and cultural development.


CEA and Partners Sign MoU to Boost Thailand's Creative Economy through Creative Business Transformation

Bangkok Post, 23 June 2023, Thailand

The Creative Economy Agency (CEA) and its 15 alliance networks have joined forces to strengthen cooperation in the creative industries, focusing on "Creative Business Transformation." This collaboration seeks to drive the growth of Thailand's creative industries, bolster its position in the creative business market, expand business opportunities, enhance Thai Soft Power, and increase economic value. It also aims to establish a more comprehensive strategic direction for the country's creative industries in the future.


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Second Policy Lab For Culture to address social resilience in Ukraine

KEA European Affairs, 10 July 2023, Ukraine

Since last autumn, KEA has been actively collaborating with the ERSTE Foundation, the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture, and other key policy stakeholders to organize a series of Culture Policy Labs in Vienna. These working seminars aim to contribute to Ukraine's cultural-driven recovery and the development of its cultural policies in line with the vision for #Ukraine2030.


State’s first Arts and Creative Industry policy will be artist-led to grow the sector

Create NSW, 7 July 2023, Australia

Minister for the Arts John Graham today released a discussion paper, A New Look At Culture, which focuses on how to grow the Arts and Cultural sector – an employer of almost one in ten people in Greater Sydney – in a way that is led by the people involved in the arts and creative industries. The discussion process seeks to understand what’s working, what’s not working and what fresh ideas will propel the sector forward.


Visibility Matters: Arts and culture benchmark media research launched

Creative New Zealand - Toi Aotearoa, 29 June 2023, New Zealand

New research maps Aotearoa arts and culture coverage across traditional media. Our artists and creatives are our storytellers. They entertain, provoke and inspire us. Their work connects us, helps build our sense of identity, and is a source of national pride. Visibility matters. The media is an important bridge between artists and the public – sharing the stories of our storytellers. It is through media that this whakataukī can come to life: Kia kitea ngā toi e te marea – let the arts be seen by the masses.


Recalibrating the Compass: New Approaches to Asia-Europe Cultural Relations

Asia-Europe Foundation, 26 June 2023, International

Authored by cultural policy expert Jordi Baltà Portolés, who co-designed the roundtables and wrote the individual reports, Recalibrating the Compass: New Approaches to Asia-Europe Cultural Relations summarises the insights, ideas and recommendations highlighted throughout the series and presents guidance for future work in the field of Asia-Europe cultural relations.


An Assessment of Artistic Freedom: The Gambia

Pan-African Network for Artistic Freedom (PANAF), 20 June 2023, The Gambia

This report, titled An Assessment of Artistic Freedom: The Gambia, offers a comprehensive overview of the current state of artistic freedom in The Gambia. It provides valuable insights into the status of freedom of artistic expression and offers practical recommendations to support artists, audiences, and advocates in safeguarding their rights to artistic expression. The report aims to guide the government and other stakeholders in effectively promoting and protecting these rights, benefiting both the creative community and society as a whole.


State of Artistic Freedom 2023

Freemuse, 19 June 2023, International

The annual Freemuse report, State of Artistic Freedom 2023, documenting violations of artistic freedom worldwide was launched in Drammen, Norway on 19 June 2023 as part of the opening day of the event "Kulturytring".


Draft report on the social and professional situation of artists and workers in the cultural and creative sectors

European Parliament, 13 June 2023, International

Draft Report with recommendations to the Commission on an EU framework for the social and professional situation of artists and workers in the cultural and creative sectors


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Opportunities and Events


Caravan International Producers’ Breakfast - 24 August 2023

Farnham Maltings, 24 August 2023, Scotland

The International Producers’ Breakfast (IPB) provides a crucial opportunity for strategic networking, discussion and exchange between international producers, programmers and creators with a passion for intercultural exchange – facilitating new connections and partnerships for the coming year. The event is free to attend and a staple in the diary of arts professionals during the Edinburgh Festivals. The 2023 event takes Edinburgh International Festival’s 2023 programme question 'Where do we go from here?' as its provocation for attending delegates.


DutchCulture Congress 2023: Local policy, boundless ambitions

DutchCulture, 14 September 2023, Netherlands

The first edition of the DutchCulture Congress focuses on international cultural cooperation in municipalities and provinces. What opportunities are there for makers and how can you help them? What are the benefits of internationalisation for your municipality/province and how active are artists, performers and companies from your area? That and more will be discussed in detail on Thursday 14 September. A day full of workshops and in-depth sessions, with which local and regional policymakers are informed and inspired to invest in internationalisation within local cultural policy. In short: 'Local policy, boundless ambitions!'


more Opportunities and Events...


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Download Publications

9th World Summit Report

9th World Summit Discussion Paper

Re-Shifting Centres and Peripheries

From Symbolic Acknowledgement to Tangible Recognition

A crisis of sustainable careers?

Supporting Culture in the Digital Age

8th World Summit Report




Publicamos el informe de la 9a Cumbre Mundial: Salvaguarda de la libertad artística en tiempos de policrisis

Este mes nos alegra publicar el informe de la 9a Cumbre de las Artes y la Cultura que, como escribe la directora ejecutiva de IFACCA, Magdalena Moreno Mujica en su introducción, “captura la energía y amplitud de las conversaciones y debates que se celebraron durante nuestra Cumbre en Estocolmo en mayo de 2023, en lugar de un orden cronológico de los días y temas. El informe comparte ideas y conclusiones, cuando fueron posibles, sobre los riesgos existentes y las acciones necesarias”. En esta edición de ACORNS le ofrecemos algunos puntos clave de la Cumbre y le invitamos a leer el informe, que está disponible en inglés y español.

La conversación colectiva en la Cumbre con los/as ponentes y delegados/as afirmó la libertad artística como una noción compleja, a la vez universal y ligada a contextos particulares, lo que reclama un enfoque holístico que tenga en cuenta todos los derechos incluidos como parte integral de la libertad artística: el derecho a crear y expresarse libremente, el derecho a un trabajo remunerado, apoyado y distribuido, los derechos a la libertad de movimiento y de asociación, derechos económicos y sociales, y el derecho a participar en la vida cultural. Este enfoque reconoce, además, que la decisión sobre cuándo avanzar en la agenda por la libertad artística puede variar de un contexto a otro.

La Cumbre concluyó que, en estos tiempos inciertos e híperdigitales, las amenazas a la libertad artística están en aumento, incluso en países y contextos que tradicionalmente han destacado en la salvaguarda de estos derechos y libertades. Se constató que, junto con las amenazas más evidentes y fáciles de observar (como la censura y las legislaciones restrictivas), aumentan también las amenazas más sutiles y encubiertas, como la denegación de acceso a infraestructura o las condiciones de trabajo insostenibles para los/las trabajadores/as culturales.

En este contexto, la Cumbre llamó a fortalecer el valor social del arte y de los/as artistas como medio para garantizar una verdadera capacidad del sector para pedir responsabilidades a los poderes correspondientes. A la vez, la Cumbre reconoció también que el ejercicio de la libertad artística por los/as artistas y otros/as trabajadores/as culturales sigue manteniendo un difícil equilibrio entre sus derechos y responsabilidades. Se subrayó con firmeza la necesidad urgente de redistribuir poderes y recursos (como fondos, capital, información y oportunidades), tanto en los sectores culturales y creativos de todo el mundo como en los intercambios internacionales. También se destacó la descolonización del lenguaje y de los enfoques usamos en el sector como parte integral de la construcción de un entorno más inclusivo y dinámico para todos/as.

El llamado a una acción continua y colectiva – aliada con agentes públicos y no gubernamentales en todos los sectores y cruzando fronteras - fue inequívoco. Kajsa Ravin, directora general del coorganizador de la Cumbre, el Consejo de las Artes de Suecia, lo expuso de forma elocuente: “No nos imaginemos solamente un mundo en el que podamos mejorar las condiciones para las artes y la cultura. Mi visión es que podemos adoptar acciones decisivas para hacerlo realidad.”

Por favor, difunda ampliamente el informe de la 9a Cumbre Mundial de las Artes y la Cultura entre sus redes de contacto.




Encuesta sobre la participación de mujeres en el sector editorial latinoamericano

CERLALC, 14 July 2023, International

El Centro Regional para el Fomento del Libro en América Latina y el Caribe (CERLALC), en alianza con el Centro de Estudios y Políticas Públicas del Libro de la Universidad Nacional de San Martín de Argentina, adelantan un proyecto piloto para recabar información sobre la participación de las mujeres en los sectores editoriales de cinco países de la región: Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Guatemala y Perú. Puntualmente, se busca evaluar la diversidad de género en el equipo laboral de las editoriales, procurando caracterizar los roles desempeñados por las mujeres.


Proyecto de Ley de “Ley de Fomento de la Lectura y el Libro” es aprobada en Senado a la espera de promulgación del Ejecutivo

National Secretary of Culture, Presidency of the Republic, Paraguay, 13 July 2023, Paraguay

Por unanimidad de los presentes, la Cámara de Senadores de la República del Paraguay, aprobó en sesión de este jueves 13 de julio el proyecto de “Ley de Fomento de la Lectura y el Libro”. El documento pasará al Poder Ejecutivo para su promulgación.


Jornada Iberoamericana "Museos y sostenibilidad: herramientas, prácticas y estrategias"

Ministry of Culture of the Nation, 13 July 2023, Argentina

El encuentro, organizado por Ibermuseos, se realizó en Brasilia con el objetivo de comprender la dimensión social, cultural, ambiental y económica de la sostenibilidad en los museos y su relación con la práctica a partir de la gestión por evidencia.


Portugal y la SEGIB firman un memorando de entendimiento para la creación de un Fondo de Cooperación Triangular Portugal-América Latina-África

SEGIB - Secretario General Iberoamericano, 7 July 2023, International

Portugal y la Secretaría General Iberoamericana (SEGIB) han firmado este viernes, 7 de julio, un memorando de entendimiento para impulsar la creación de un Fondo de Cooperación Triangular Portugal-América Latina-África destinado a apoyar iniciativas y proyectos centrados en educación, salud, igualdad de género, cambio climático, seguridad alimentaria, cultura, cohesión social, transformación digital y educación para el desarrollo.


Presentación del estudio: "Intercambio de bienes y servicios de las industrias creativas entre Argentina y España" en la OEI

OEI - Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos, 7 July 2023, International

El pasado miércoles 5 de julio se realizó en la sede de la OEI la presentación del estudio: "Intercambio de bienes y servicios de las industrias creativas entre Argentina y España", realizado por Andrés Gribnicow, con la colaboración especial de Gerardo Sánchez Katz.


El Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte propondrá elevar la consideración de la cultura, reconociéndola como bien público esencial, durante la Presidencia Española del Consejo de la UE

Ministry of Culture and Sport, 5 July 2023, Spain

Elevar la consideración de la Cultura reconociéndola como bien público esencial, bien público mundial, es el primero de los ejes y sobre el que se vertebra la propuesta de trabajo del Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte durante la Presidencia Española del Consejo de la Unión EuropeaEnlace externo, se abre en ventana nueva, que se desarrollará durante los próximos seis meses.


El techo de cristal sigue existiendo para la toma de decisiones de las mujeres en el audiovisual

Audiovisual 451, 30 June 2023, Spain

El techo de cristal sigue existiendo para la toma de decisiones de las mujeres en el audiovisual sobre todo en la industria española de cine, más que en la televisión, y es necesario que los hombres tomen conciencia de que ellas pueden hacer grandes producciones, con nuevas miradas ajenas a los temas intimistas o de maternidad en la que se les suele encasillar. Además, en el sector audiovisual se busca mucho la audiencia femenina pero deciden los hombres, lo que es incongruente.


Cuba acogerá Congreso Internacional Comunidad 2023

Ministry of Culture, Republic of Cuba, 29 June 2023, Cuba

Con la misión de promover la cultura existente hoy en las comunidades de Cuba, escenarios de La Habana acogerán del 14 al 16 de octubre próximo el Congreso Internacional Comunidad 2023.


Sala de la Cámara aprobó proyecto que establece requisitos para asimilar a las entidades que prestan servicios culturales a sociedades profesionales

Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, 20 June 2023, Chile

Con 89 votos a favor, 29 en contra y 22 abstenciones la Sala de la Cámara de Diputados y Diputadas aprobó hoy el proyecto de ley que “establece requisitos para asimilar a las entidades que prestan servicios culturales a las sociedades de profesionales (Boletín N°16003-24)”. En la sesión estuvieron presentes los ministros de las Culturas y de Hacienda, Jaime de Aguirre y Mario Marcel; y las respectivas subsecretarias, Andrea Gutiérrez y Heidi Berner.


INAH e INPI firman convenio para garantizar la identidad cultural de los pueblos indígenas y afrodescendientes

Ministry of Culture, 15 June 2023, Mexico

El acuerdo fue suscrito el 14 de junio de 2023, por los titulares de ambas dependencias, Diego Prieto y Adelfo Regino Montes, respectivamente. Busca impulsar el reconocimiento legal y la protección de los lugares sagrados y las rutas de peregrinación indígenas de nuestro país.


Fondo para el Desarrollo de Infraestructuras Culturales: Firma de convenios

Ministry of Education and Culture,15 June 2023, Uruguay

La directora de Cultura, Mariana Wainstein, anunció que el Fondo va a duplicar el monto para la próxima edición, es decir, para la convocatoria que se anuncia en este 2023.


más noticias de fuentes oficiales y gubernamentales...

más noticias internacionales...





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