Newsletter - April 2022

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Welcome to the April speechBITE newsletter! In this edition, we are updating you on the latest intervention research that has recently been added to speechBITE. The papers included in this edition cover interventions for paediatric language and literacy, adult language and literacy, fluency, dysphagia, AAC, and voice. Three of the papers are open access.

You can catch up on all the previous editions of the speechBITE newsletter here - the archive goes back to 2014!

Latest publications

Paediatric language and literacy

Arnold HL, Plante E, et al (2022) Translating Enhanced Conversational Recast to a Telepractice Setting

Drill RB, Bellini S (2022) Combining Readers Theater, Story Mapping and Video Self-Modeling Interventions to Improve Narrative Reading Comprehension in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Metsala JL, David MD (2022) Improving English reading fluency and comprehension for children with reading fluency disabilities

Møller HL, Mortensen JO, et al (2022) Effects of Integrated Spelling in Phonics Instruction for At-Risk Children in Kindergarten

Adult language and literacy

Kristensson J, Saldert C, et al (2022) Naming vs. non-naming treatment in aphasia in a group setting-A randomized controlled trial OPEN ACCESS

Lê K, Coelho C, et al (2022) Systematic Review of Discourse and Social Communication Interventions in Traumatic Brain Injury

Tabrizi R, Walton L, et al (2022) Repetition Priming in Treatment of Anomia

Valinejad V, Mehri A, et al (2022) Treatment of verb tense morphology in agrammatic aphasia: A systematic review

Williams J, Sarchet T, et al (2022) Reading and Writing Instruction for Academically At-Risk Deaf and Hard of Hearing First-Year College Students


Byrd CT, Coalson GA, et al (2022) Targeting communication effectiveness in adults who stutter: A preliminary study

Iimura D, Kakuta K, et al (2022) Treatment for School-Age Children Who Stutter: A Systematic Review of Japanese Literature


Gandhi P, Steele CM (2022) Effectiveness of Interventions for Dysphagia in Parkinson Disease: A Systematic Review OPEN ACCESS

Tuomi L, Dotevall H, et al (2022) The effect of the Shaker head-lift exercise on swallowing function following treatment for head and neck cancer: Results from a randomized, controlled trial with videofluoroscopic evaluation OPEN ACCESS


Dodge-Chin C, Shigetomi-Toyama S, et al (2022) Teaching Parents Read, Ask, Answer, Prompt Strategies via Telepractice: Effects on Parent Strategy Use and Child Communication


Moya-Galé G, Galgano J, et al (2022) LSVT LOUD Applied to an Adult with Cerebral Palsy: Acoustic Findings

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