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A few words from Tim...

Before anyone comments, no I haven't lost 40 years! 

I wanted to introduce you to Chloe (right), who has joined the office team and is providing much needed support for the increasing amount of administration that comes along with the rapid growth of two companies!


With only 2 working weeks left unil Christmas, does anyone else feel as though the days are going way too fast at the moment?! Or is that just inevitable with advancing age?!

In my defence we have been busy and I am pleased to report our largest shipment to date left our warehouse (25 pallets) this month. Proud moment to see the artic full...

Our two new moulding machines have now been commissioned with robot support to enable lights out working and larger production runs (see article below). 

Building works are continuing and our new conference room is finally finished which means for those of you who have already visited us as part of our Open House Event this month, have had the luxury of somewhere to sit and chat with us - and enjoy lunch!

For those of you who have still to visit us, sadly we are having to bring a halt to further visitors in line with government guidlines. We will look forward to welcoming you as and when we can. 

We still have time to support your new projects before the Christmas break, and we can definitely get the ball rolling but I would recommend getting in touch now!

Our Figure 4 Printer can also assist with immediate requirements, whether that's for low volume production quality parts or for prototype form and fit - the high surface finish and speed makes this an ideal option when there is an immediate time pressure. And don't worry, we will be here right up to Christmas Eve!

As always, here at your service, 

Plunkett Associates
Macine Commissioning and robot testing

Machine Commissioning & Robot Testing!

Our two new Yizumi injection moulding machines are now commissioned and ready to roll!

A Yizumi 220 and another Yizumi 160 are part of our investment to support a major new project from a global telecoms player and is symptomatic of our vision and commitment to support and invest in new business.

The Yizumi 220 is our largest moulding machine to date and will allow us to more than triple the size and weight of the parts we were previously able to mould (up to 850g)!


Christmas Opening Hours

As the countdown to Christmas begins, please make sure you have your orders placed well in advance of our end of year break so that we can get the ball rolling for you. 

Plunkett Associates and Adept Precision will be taking a short break over the Christmas and New Year period, although emails will still be checked daily.

Coffee will be served right up to close of play on Christmas Eve so why not pop in (sadly it might need to be virtually for now...), pick up the phone or email us if you need parts early in the New Year or simply call us if you fancy a catch up.

We will be back for business as usual on Tuesday 4th January 2022. 

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 


If you have a project in mind, or would like more information, contact us and we will be pleased to help.

01452 386608