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Bonjour & Merci !

Nine months of events have seen En Pointe’s magic touch. The Fairy god mother of your event desires. The delicate balance of beauty and business. The pirouettes, grand pas de deux and choreographed moments of stillness and awe.

None of which would be possible without the corps. Our experts. Suppliers at the top of their game. Artisans always pushing boundaries. Culinary masters that embrace our zany ideas. 

We carefully Curate the best for you. Style. Design. Ideas. Execution. As much or as little.


Ideas  Endless!


Be it Swan Lake or The A Midsummer's Night Dream. 4 years olds who dream of being princesses or a car launch that needs an edge. Don’t like the pool? Let’s make it disappear. Need to promote your brand?

Let’s create a pop up café and host of activities that require audience sign ups. We develop the concepts. The creative. The En Pointe moments that connect to you... your business... your family... your brand.


Curation  Mission Accomplished 


The best menus and most suited suppliers for your event (and budget). The best furniture. The best music. The best lighting. The best ferris wheels. The best fireworks. The best caviar. The best MC.

The best reptile zoo. The best candelabras. The best coffee. The best Thomas the tank engine. The best bathrooms.

Nothing is left to chance.


Execution  #eventlife


We’re in the park to determine the best marquee placement and protect the grass. We’re in the display suite to oversee furniture removalists. We’re listening to the piano tuner. We’re lending our black velvet jacket to the client. We’re ensuring the wheel chair access to kept clear. We’re making sure the host has champagne. That the restauranteurs in the kitchen marquee have the right gold serving spoons.

The nudge the MC to get speeches back underway. The lychee martinis to come out. The gift bags to be handed out. And most importantly the pack up. 

The tablecloths are from Sophie but the napkins need to go back to Chloe. The chairs have been hidden in the staff room and the café needs to be in perfect order for tomorrow morning’s service.


Start now…



Pièce de résistance  Our style



Elegance and precision exhibited by a confident, accomplished dancer.


Italian, or French adage, meaning 'slowly, at ease.' Slow movements performed with fluidity and grace.


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