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We’ve been out and about to a few business networking and information events this month, hearing some interesting stuff, meeting great people and listening to some very inspiring business stories.  So here’s a brief round-up of some of the things we heard about, that may help you too….

#1 Ask your customers to give you reviews on your Google page - this will help your website ranking and of course helps prospective clients decide who to buy from.

#2 Are you looking to run Webinars?  Zoom is a great, very cost effective tool that you can use to help you do just that.

#3 In need of other services?  Digital, video, marketing, business? can help you out in some cases for just a fiver! There’s some great looking services on there - we’ve not used it yet but will let you know our findings when we have.




We also enjoyed a great day with a lovely UK client whose HQ is in Sweden.  The Swedish team want to replicate the successful UK sales campaign running here, so we spent a day with their team sharing all of our knowledge and best practice, and a lovely lunch.  Pictured is Anna, enjoying some silliness at Chiquitos!




3 things you can do, easily, to help you make more sales.

It’s always the simple things isn’t it.  We have a tendency to over-complicate what is often very simple indeed, and sales is no exception to this.  There are books galore with sales techniques, bursting at the seams with ideas.  Nothing wrong with that!  We know that we don’t know it all, you never can in sales, or any other industry.  But at Cre8 we have 3 core values at the heart of the way that we sell.  

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Did you know?

Last month for one of our training clients, we generated 57 leads in a 20 day campaign, that’s almost 3 leads every day.  Want to know how we did it? Get in touch on 0121 347 6601.




Thank you!

Thanks so much to Alan Cook of Vistage   who very kindly recommended us to a potential new client this month.  Much appreciated!  Also thank you (again) to Eighty3 Creative  who made another referral to us.  You guys are all great :)


Share the love!

This month Tracy spoke with the lovely Mr Clay Lowe, who has so many talents, where do we begin?! Social and digital expert, Sales and Leadership Trainer, Mentor, Coach, and all round inspiring businessman, he shares some of his thoughts with us.  Listen and enjoy.  Clay Lowe Podcast  




Lastly, if you’ve started thinking about Christmas cards (eeek), check out Socks and Chocs idea for Christmas - send a pair of socks instead, and help someone in the process.  Or donate/support  - socks and chocs


Thanks for reading and have a great month!

Tracy and Julia x