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Finding an optimal place in 2022



Who is completely sure what's going to happen in 2022 and, how whatever it is, it will impact you? This fact alone is a big reason why so many strategists are freelancing, waiting to see how things play out in the business. For reasons of potential mental or physical stress (they often go together) caused by work factors beyond your control, or perhaps because you realise you need a complete professional pivot, be prepared to learn anew, to re-tool both your skills and your mindset. One way to do this is to constantly test yourself/get out of your comfort zone so that you're better able to cope and adapt when change comes. Another way to be able to more easily pivot. Plan ahead.

Envisioning (your ideal work scenario)

From my experience, what most of strategists routinely do for clients, they don't do so well for themselves. 'Ideal' work scenarios might not be envisaged because of a lack of belief in attainability; Perhaps it takes too much time to go through a process? (SPARKIN has a simple methodology we can share) The challenge for you is that if you don't have a clear outline of the optimal working/non working setup, you are very unlikely to achieve it, exception being if you have someone that knows you very well, that is constantly looking out for you.


"He did that on purpose!!" How often did you hear that as a kid. Point being, the accusation your brother or sister was making, you did what you did intentionally. Doing things with purpose is not only more satisfying in the moment, but you're more likely to achieve what you set out to achieve. Obvious? So, be lucid with yourself (and so with others) about the impact you wish to have, be it focused on impacting people, business results, your growth, whatever. Clarity of purpose might make a poor working situation tolerable, but that's because you are completely aware of what you need. Key, clarity of purpose is about 'optimal use of your valuable time.'.

Finally, adapting, envisioning and purpose ought to be about ensuring as much as possible, that you have fun/gain pleasure from your work as well as an income. If any of the above is of interest, feel free to contact me. My promise is always to ensure you are heard.

Cheers, Stuart 






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Job Opportunities 08/16

If you know of anyone looking for full time or part time work, some of the below opportunities are full time and some temp to perm.

1. SVP Research - NY based healthcare agency.

2. EVP Strategy - NY based creative agency

3. VP Strategy - NY based PR agency


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