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Get Your Startup Discovered – 5 Free Tools

Building a successful startup is hard (duh, right?). You find a problem you want to solve. You create a product or service you think solves a pain point. You launch your company and then prepare for an onslaught of eager customers. But what if that stampede of customers doesn’t happen? What if the inundation of joyful users you expected turns out to be nothing more than the occasional tire kicker perusing your website or mobile app?


Create an Ambassador Program in Reddit

If you’ve ever faced the challenge of creating a startup, you’ll know that the work involved in getting your brand name known is immense. Not everyone is blessed with a large advertising budget, useful marketing channels, or an enthusiastic customer base in the beginning. So how do you spread your brand around when you’re hardly known? One solution that has worked out for hundreds of startups is to utilize brand ambassadors.


AMC’s New Hit Show, Humans

AMC’s New Hit Show, Humans is the latest in the line of Sci-Fi programming, a genre that has seen a resurgence in Television and on the big screen. It takes place in an alternate-present world where androids, referred to as Synths, are commonplace among society and function as personal assistants to anyone who can afford one.


Voxel8 Pushes Boundaries of 3D Printing

One of the most interesting areas of tech development is the future of 3D printing. This field opens up a whole new world of possibilities for various different industries. The cost of 3D printers has been rapidly declining over the last few years, leading to more and more adoption of the technology in the mainstream consumer market. However, the current method utilized by today’s 3D printers has some serious weaknesses.


HipChat vs Slack, which is right for you?

Your company may be a startup or an long established company, but you want to choose the best communication software to keep everyone from developers, sales, and clients on the same page. There are multiple options out there, but one stands above the rest. You want to choose wisely and not have to migrate to new communications software later, so we offer this comparison of the top two


Will 3D Printers End Intellectual Property?

As 3D printers become commonplace, there is genuine excitement about the new opportunities they will create. By lowering the costs of manufacturing, 3D printing will no doubt unleash a new generation of innovators.When people can conceptualize, design and print products on their own, who knows what creative products they can come up with?However, 3D printing also presents a significant threat to intellectual property. When people can print almost anything, there is little to stop them to printing patented products. 


Top 10 Apps for Google Cardboard VR

At the 2015 Google I/O event, Google handed everyone a little cardboard kit which they promised would turn their Android Gadgets into a 3D virtual reality world. After unpacking and folding the cardboard, it transforms into a virtual reality headset. Insert your phone into the handy harness and let the games begin! Viewing the screen through the eyepieces in the headset, users are presented with stereoscopic images that, when coordinated with the gyroscopic sensors in the device, create a virtual reality illusion.


Carbon3D Turns 3D Printing Upside Down

There can be little doubt that 3D printing offers the possibility to change manufacturing radically. It can produce shapes that are too complex to build any other way. They can often produce an object as a single piece whereas other processes can only produce parts that must be assembled. And it’s possible to go straight from computer file to printed object.


Inside Sean Parker’s New Brigade App

Sean Parker, one of the most outspoken Facebook co-founders, is at it again. This time he has developed a social app that will put a new spin on political activism. The new app, called Brigade, has recently been rolled out to a small group of beta testers. Here’s an overview of Sean Parker’s Brigade app:


Top Five Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Whether you’ve got money to spend or not a cent to spare, there are a lot of different ways you can increase traffic to your website. From increasing usability and improving your overall website look, to focusing your efforts on improving your internet presence, there is no shortage of tactics you can use to drive more traffic to your site. Here are some top ways to increase your website traffic:


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