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Stuart Parkin
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Adaptability = Career Success (Revisited)

You have great intellect and many would describe you as emotionally very smart, a natural people person.Excellent capabilities to have in a very rapidly morphing business environment. But what's your AQ like? I'm referring to 'Adaptability Quotient.' How capable you are at adapting?  How well do you 'do' change? Because sooner or later, however good a job you do, 'change' is coming our way.

'A 2020 Harvard Business School survey showed that 71% of 1500 executives from more than 90 countries said that they believed that adaptability was the most important quality they looked for in a leader. And data from a 2021 McKinsey study revealed that people proficient in adapatbility were 24% more likely to be employed.' (BBC)

What's your AQ - Try a short test.                                          

In 2018 I wrote about the importance of adaptability for your career success. (See below.) At the time there appeared to be a big discrepancy between how employers and employees viewed its importance, 91% and 53% respectively. But no more.

While most of you would be prepared to change, many struggle with it. So what makes us good dealing with change, all other factors being constant, I'll suggest a few:

1. Your level of optimism. If you're optimistic you're more likely to believe there's a solution - Expect to be tested for your 'OC' or Optimism Quotient very soon!

2. Life experience - The more changes you've already experienced, the better able you are to manage new change. e.g.Meditation

3. Coping mechanisms - Which help you deal with stress/help keep a clear mind to best deal with the change.

4. Support network - This could be within or outside work.

5. Organisational skills - No doubt about it, the better organised someone is, the more able they are to multi-task if not outright change what they are doing.

What else would you include?

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