Sparkin - Moving You Forward August, 2023
Stuart Parkin
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The Silver Bullet - Career Planning Advice From Strategists Globally

'One key piece of advice for your career' the question I asked leading planners and planning leaders around the globe.

For many fantastic thoughts, read below in the italics.

One key piece of advice I'd add, a drum I constantly come back to, given the constant change in the world and I'm talking pre-'AI,' so more true than ever, prepare yourself to be able to adapt.

How/What are the best ways to do this? The subject of the September edition of Narrate.

In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine, get some quality timeout, which by the way, is one way to help fortify yourself against inexorable change.

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'Have a broader sense of market dynamics/the economy etc, which will inform your decision making.'

'Take a job above and beyond your comfort zone.'

''Follow your heart.'

'Be present now. Excel in the moment and the future takes care of itself.'

'Don't join an agency for a sexy client or because the agency is cool, join because the people are awesome.'The people you are shoulder to shoulder with, your department and your creative colleagues.'

'People are key. 'Ask to meet as many of them during the interview process.'

'Observe the roles of your supervisors and decide what is the way you want to go.'

'Don't blindly copy what other planners say or do to feel you're a real planner. Do things you find interesting rather than just say interesting things you read elsewhere.'

'Put yourself in the shoes of your boss and your bosses' boss and ask yourself what you want to do five years from now.'

'Own both your strengths and your weaknesses. Don't suppress your vulnerabilities as they will help inform the way you work,'

'Force yourself to interact with people beyond your own environment and industry.'

'You'll never have perfect information so be prepared to take risks.'

'Create your own kingdom! Infuse your passions and dreams into your future roles or better, create the roles. JD's are for the sandbox.'

'Know that there is no one planning style.'

'Write a 200 word biography of where you intend to be in the future and use it to structure and evaluate all the choices you will make.'

'Obsess less about the agencies and companies you want to work with and instead focus more about the people you want to work with and learn from.'

'Find the best practitioners that believe in mentoring and hang on to their coat tails.'

'Focus more on the journey than the destination. It's not simply about results.'

'Be honest with yourself about what brings you joy. When you have joy you will thrive.'

'Find the part of the job you enjoy most and create a job doing that.'

'Don't get caught in the weeds, think what really matters for the business.'

'You'll never have perfect information, so be prepared to take risks.'

What else might you add?

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