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A few words from Tim...

Manufacturing continues to be a rollercoaser ride!

Never have we been besieged by so many uncertainties and shortages to contend with, from shipping issues to power crises to delivery delays on even the most basic of items.

Coffee is a cup full of hope

Having just spent a day trying to source fasteners for a project we haven’t even won yet, demonstrates how desperate things have become and highlights how far ahead of the game we are having to be these days!

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the predictions of last January that supply chains will have improved by Christmas were somewhat overly optimistic and unfortunately, we foresee issues continuing well into next year.

Rest assured however, we continue to fight your corner, hold prices where we can, and do our best to maintain material stocks so deliveries are kept to schedule. All I can say is, thank goodness for our great suppliers! I know they are finding it incredibly tough but somehow continue to find solutions for us, for which we are very grateful. 

Internally, we constantly strive to think outside the box and improve our services to overcome the present challenges, and as a result, hope our articles this month will be of interest.

We are also stubbonly positive and morale remains high, although we are bracing ourselves for the inevitable (and unthinkable) – thank goodness there has been no mention of coffee or biscuit shortages yet…!

We remain as ever at your service,

Plunkett Associates
Prototyping to Production

What do I need to consider in order to transition smoothly from Prototyping to Production quantities?

For many, prototyping and production are seen as two separate steps on the path to the final product.

For many, prototyping and production are seen as two separate steps on the path to the final product. Prototyping is often carried out with one set of materials and processes, which can be vastly different to those that are ultimately required for production.

This can cause a stumbling block when a prototype that has been iterated to perfection, must now be produced in much greater volumes.

3D Printed Mould Tools

3D Printed Injection Mould Tools

After trialling the first 3D printed injection mould tools back in 1996, we are back revisiting what can be achieved with today’s materials and technology!

We expect (and hope) the advances in surface finish to deliver significant benefits in this application.

So far so good and first trials have gone well providing scope for exciting further development. We’ll keep you informed!

Credit card payments

We can now take Credit Card Payments!

As part of our ongoing goal to make doing business with us easier, and having taken on board your feedback, we have been battling for a while now to set up a secure credit card payment system – and the good news is we have finally beaten Sage into submission!

At last, we have the ability to produce a Proforma invoice with a ‘Pay Now’ feature. The advantage of this is that the tab will take you directly to Sage so your card details are not handled by us but by a secure process system. As always, providing peace of mind is our priority.


If you have a project in mind, or would like more information, contact us and we will be pleased to help.

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