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DCAF | The Military, the Media and Public Perceptions in Egypt: Communication and Civil-Military Relations 

Taking on new responsibilities and establishing a tighter grip in national politics since 2011, Egypt's military came to realise the powerful importance of the media, both as a useful political tool and as a significant potential threat. Will the military be successful in its traditional strategy aimed at manipulating and severely controlling media organisations and journalists in order to support its agenda and shape public opinion? Read this recent DCAF paper to find out more about the Egyptian military’s communication strategy and its impact on civil-military relations in the country. 


DCAF - ISSAT Activities

Consultation with EU Director Generals

Mandator: Slovakia. 28 November. ISSAT shared insights on implementing the EU-wide Strategy Framwork on SSR in a meeting attended by Director Generals of the European Commission and other organisations based in Brussels. Insights were based on the workshop conducted on the subject earlier in the month.

Backstopping Support to SDC Honduras

Mandator: Switzerland. 1-16 December. ISSAT is currently in Honduras providing support to the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) on improving effectiveness of the national police.

Resource Library

Policy and Research Papers

Afghan Women and Violent Extremism - United States Institute of Peace

Drawing on more than one hundred interviews from the field in Afghanistan, this report delves into the roles women play in the context of violent extremism —an untapped area of ethnographic research on the issue— presenting critical findings for effective policy and programming.

Aiding and Assisting: Challenges in Armed Conflict and Counterterrorism - Chatham House

This brief argues that greater transparency is necessary on the assistance that states provide to one another, and to non-state groups in armed conflicts and counterterrorism operations. Read the document which offers a practical perspective on the issues, illustrated with topical examples drawn from armed conflict and counterterrorism. 

Navigating Complexity: Climate, Migration and Conflict in a Changing World - Wilson Center

There is significant concern that climate change may influence violent conflict. Building off a workshop held at the Wilson Center last year, this report provides a background scan of relevant literature and an in-depth analysis of the high-profile cases of Darfur and Syria to discern policy-relevant lessons from the latest research on climate change and conflict. 


Deterring Nuclear Terrorism

As the risk of non-state acquisition of nuclear capability haunts many states, this book discusses what it entails to block the pathways to terrorist acquisition of a nuclear weapon and how to prevent negligence by one of the nine nuclear-weapon states.


Security Sector Reform: Lessons from Africa

In this video, the former Security Studies chair of the Africa Center for Strategic Studies discusses his field experience and shares his insights as part of a panel discussion at the Next Generation of African Security Sector Leaders Conference in 2016. 


Protection against Risks and Threats in Conflict Areas | 19-24 February 2017 | Sweden

This one-week training programme by the Folke Bernadotte Academy has been designed for international personnel who might be bubject to a high level of risk at job postings in conflict areas. The participants will acquire and test tools and techniques to prepare themselves for possible dangerous situations. 



Towards a Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration - A Regional Perspective | Wednesday 14 December | 14:30-18:00 | Vienna

On the occasion of the 2016 International Migrants’ Day, IOM and OSCE are convening a meeting to discuss future steps and challenges in view of the adoption of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.

NATO Security and the Arab World | Tuesday 17 January | 14:00-18:00 | The Hague

Fanack Chronicle for the Middle East and North Africa will host a conference titled NATO Security & the Arab World featuring dialogue and discussion with a panel of specialists about the present and future of NATO and the Middle East.


Senior Projects Manager | HD Centre | Yangon | Deadline: 12 December 2016

Head of Rule of Law and Human Rights Department | OSCE | Tirana | Deadline: 18 December 2016

Chief Security Adviser (D1) | UN | Mogadishu | Deadline: 3 January 2017

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Want to learn about good practice in security and justice programming? Have a look at ISSAT's SSR Methodology and Guidance. It contains explanations of key concepts, recommended activities, and a growing collection of case studies, tools, examples, lessons, and other resources drawn from the collective experience of the community.