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A few words from Tim...

With the current uncertainties and rising costs surrounding shipping from the Far East, we're finding that our UK CNC services are being called upon more and more. 

Interestingly the quantities required are increasing, with definitely more production than prototyping, and aluminium tending to be the material of choice.


As a result, we thought it might be useful to revisit the benfits of this process, bring you up to date with our cnc capabilities, as well as a reminder of what to consider within the design which can save time, money (and headaches) in the long run.

Remember also that CNC machining isn't just about producing metal parts, there is a wide variety of available plastic materials (including clear acrylics) that are suitable for this hugely flexible and highly accurate process.

As ever, we are here to advise and support,

Plunkett Associates
CNC machines

With Additive Manufacturing growing in popularity, why should I consider CNC machining?

3D Printing or Additive Manufacture can achieve some great results, especially if time is very limited but does that make it the best choice?

There are several points to consider...

CNC parts

Plunkett's CNC machining capabilities

 It is imperative for us to ensure that client’s expectations are being exceeded wherever possible.

One of the main ways that we endeavour to achieve this is through management of our supplier network, including our own sister company, Adept Precision.

This enables us to be reactive to client enquiries, and actively responsive in getting parts made quickly for clients with time constraints.

Our 3 axis machines are ideally suited to prototype and low volume batch work but the attention to detail is what really makes us stand out. With a wide range of capabilities, we are happy to tackle complex parts as well as tooling in most grades of aluminium and in quantities from 1 off to 100,000.

CNC Machining

What do I need to do to ensure successful CNC machined parts?

We've established there are many benefits of using CNC machining to manufacture or prototype parts:

1) High precision
2) Reliable repeatability
3) Vast range of material choice
4) Attractive cost for low volume numbers
5) Suitable for large part sizes
6) Fast with limited post processing time to factor in. 
7) A great option for metal prototyping.     

Therefore, how can we ensure our part is designed well for successful CNC machining?


If you have a project in mind, or would like more information, contact us and we will be pleased to help.

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