Faculty Resources Update
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February Update

The CFC is reworking our offerings to serve you better in this new year.
Our regular email newsletters will now serve as a link to our updated resources on the web.

Feel free to use the clickable features in this newsletter to go to articles of interest or to help us improve our offerings.

For immediate help check our resources on our home page.

Or call us at: 828-227-7196.


If it Snows Again

After a number of mild winters, many of us had to move into emergency mode in order to meet our the needs of our students during the last snow.  If you'd like to get a jump on the next bad weather or unforeseen incident, our Educational Development team has these hints to help you out.


Time to Migrate Your Media Files

For many years, we've been hosting media for our classes on a "generic" server called the FPA Media Server.  With the equipment aging out, it is now time to migrate to new cloud based solutions.

All files on the FPA media server will be deleted at the end of May.  For more help on how to migrate your files before your Summer or Fall 2016 classes, click here.


Designing Online Assignments


Designing Assignments for Your Hybrid and Online Courses

When setting up assignments for courses that we teach either blended or completely online, you may want to consider what information the learners may need regarding the assignment that would be similar to what we might offer in a face-to-face classroom. The information may include a wide variety of communication tools such as... READ MORE.

Is your course getting crowded?

Dealing with Larger Classes

Has your course size grown?  Anastasia Salter has a great article about "Scaling Up Courses" in the Chronicle of Higher Education.


The CFC is open when the University is open from 8 am - 5 pm, every week day. 

Feel free to come by and let us assist you in the Hunter Library Building.  Or call and set up an appointment, for a consultation or assistance.  We are here to help.


Java Challenges and Blackboard

Our current version of Blackboard relies upon Java for a number of functions.

It is important that you and your students keep the Java version you have installed your browsers updated to make certain that everything works.

Three things to note:

1) Google has decided that they aren't going to support Java in their Chrome Browser.  We've got more info here.

2) You can check to see if your browser has the most recent version of Java here.

3) If you are interested in making certain your computer and browser are set up to work optimally with Blackboard, you can also use the button on the lower right hand of your log-in screen to do a self test.



There are times you need help in the middle of the night, don't forget that in addition to the CFC web help listed above, you have access to help.wcu.edu where you can search the IT knowledge base for answers to  your questions or enter a service request so that it will be first in the queue for our attention the next day.