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Career Planning for Strategists - The Long Game

I was asked to write about long term career goals and to discuss the options. Truth is there are so many possibilities, there really are! Based on which direction you go, there are certain experiences you need to be getting to make specific options easier to smoothly navigate. We can discuss this.

For instance, if you see yourself eventually moving into general management, getting exposure to operations, finance and team/people management would be key experiences you need to have.

Know Thyself - A big clue to where you ought to end up comes down to understanding what you have enjoyed. Using which skills make you happy? What environments do you thrive in? Ask yourself what outputs have meaning for you.

Where do I want to be in the long term? If you know where you want to be, then you and I can talk about how to get there.

If you have a good sense of self but are unsure about the long term, we can discuss one-to-one; But to maximise the options you can pursue, be it a start-up, platform, publisher, brand, strategic consultancy, strategically focused or otherwise, note key considerations below. But first,

Avoiding Burnout - As much as anything else, the purpose of setting exciting goals is as much to keep you energized in the short and medium term as it is to reaching your nirvana. We all know that a career is a marathon so the question becomes one of 'pacing.' You have to sustain your energy, mental/physical/emotional. If you are learning new things and so feel a sense of progression, the hard work is less draining!

Key considerations: (For keeping all options open)

What do I want to experience? If you're unclear about specific goals, focus at the very least on how you want to feel as a result of your work - The goals often emerge from this understanding.

Differentiate - What do we tell brands to do? To thrive now and in the future, think/reinforce/promote what distinguishable skills you have.

Prioritise Value Creation - Develop expertise that presents a clear path to value creation. (This is 'not' simply about ST profit)

Career Variety - Where possible, work in different settings: Agency, client, consultancy, own business/freelance - This enhances your ability to understand and help others.

Business Growth/Consultative Skillset - Develop a prowess with new business and/or organic growth.

Mind of a specialist/heart of a generalist - Our business is reintegrating - Be a polymath of sorts. Think big and detailed.

People - Ours is a business all about people. Help build those around you.

Reputation - Know that it's all you've got.

Profile - Being brilliant but invisible won't help you.

Results - Applied creativity is key. Be a brilliant strategist but understand a client's nightmares. Be known for solving problems.

What else might you add?

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Setting Career Goals

Know Thyself/What do you want to experience?

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Differentiation of Yourself

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Career Variety

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