Faculty Resources Update
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March Update

The CFC is happy to continue our service as we near the middle point of the Spring semester.  We stand ready to help you and have gathered the following information that we hope will aid you in your work.


Global Learning Academy – Call for Applications
Deadline for Application: April 4, 2016

The Coulter Faculty Commons and the Office of International Programs and Services invite applications for the inaugural 2016 WCU Global Learning Academy.  Faculty chosen to participate will receive a $1,250 stipend for their time and effort.

The purpose of WCU’s Global Learning Academy (GLA) is to assist faculty members with effectively integrating international themes and topics into their courses. 

The WCU Global Learning Academy will span a six-month period, beginning in June 2016 and ending in December 2016.  During that time, selected members of the faculty will work with a team of professionals to thoughtfully integrate global themes into the material of one particular course. 

If you are interested in bringing the world to the doorsteps of Cullowhee, either through integrating international themes into a class for the first time, or by revamping an existing internationally-related course, then we hope that you will consider joining us! 

Click here for more information.


Rubric Library: An Invitation to Collaborate

As many of you know, our newest version of Blackboard now has a Rubric tool. The CFC has created a Rubric Library in Blackboard where you can contribute a Rubric to share with your colleagues or take one to apply to your assignments, projects, etc. If you have a rubric, either in Blackboard or an external document, that you would like to share, we would be glad to post it so that others can use them as well or if you would like to join the Rubric Library course, please send us an email at LMSSupport @wcu.edu or call us at 227-2930.


Bringing Quality Matters to Your Courses

If you are interested in attending the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric workshop on Monday, March 21st between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm in Biltmore Park, please send us an email at lmssupport@wcu.edu and we will send you the session information and registration information.


Nuts and Bolts

For some information on some Copyright Issues with multimedia on WCU digital media systems like Panopto, click here.

The Writing and Learning Commons have a number of resources to help your students pro-actively avoid plagarism. For more information, click here.

Finally, click here for an interesting look at how insufficient sleep and poor work/life balance can cost an institution.


Technical Notes

Java and Browser Issues:
There have been a number of issues related to browser, operating system, and Java updates. If you are having problems using any of the web accessible systems in the WCU environment, including Blackboard, make sure your browser and your java version is up to date.  Also recognize that all software now, including browsers and operating system, is in constant evolution, and we are working to keep a list of what works and what does not. Please help us help the community by reporting problems and solutions.

Notable Tech Features:
Did you know that our standard software has some extra capabilities?

Panopto not only allows for video hosting and streaming that adapts to your bandwidth.  It also allows students to make comments in videos, watch at various speeds and automatically creates an outline of your PowerPoint slides.

Office365 now includes a feature where you can initiate and schedule Skype for Business meetings from within the calendar.

You can share and collaborate using OneDrive for Business from within your browser in Office365.

You can send out simple surveys with the results saved in Excel by using OneDrive.

With Office365 you can create a micro-website with Sway, explore your email history visually with Delve, and even find other people at WCU using People.

If you'd like to explore advanced features of the technology we have, or if you are interested in being part of highlighting best faculty efforts in the use of technology on our campus, contact Jonathan Wade at the CFC.