August 2020

Introducing N8 Net Zero North

The N8 Research Partnership – the strategic collaboration of eight research-intensive universities in the North – is working to create the basis for supporting economic growth focused on the green economy.

Net Zero North aims to drive innovation for a net-zero recovery from the coronavirus to unlock new business opportunities and create jobs in the green economy in the Northern Powerhouse, by co-producing research and innovation with businesses and other stakeholders to meet real-world challenges.

Find out more about the programme on our website below.

N8 Net Zero North

N8 Net Zero North

Visit our NZN landing page to find out more about our aims and research areas for the programme, including:

  • Sustainable Hydrogen Economy
  • Grow Smarter
  • Skills and Productivity

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Net Zero North webinar

N8 NZN introductory webinar

Watch a recording of our NZN webinar, introducing the N8 Net Zero North programme, hosted by Professor Chris Day – Chair of the N8 Board of Directors, and Professor Anthony Hollander – Chair of the N8 Strategic Executive Group and Net Zero North Project Board.

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N8 Net Zero North

NZN case studies and news

Explore our archive of case studies and news pieces, detailing the N8's existing research strengths and collaborative projects to support the Net Zero North programme.



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Get involved with NZN

Get involved with NZN

We are engaging with businesses and universities to allow collaboration and knowledge exchange to flow freely in the region.

Follow our NZN Twitter and NZN Instagram, and get in touch on the button below to get involved with Net Zero North.

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By co-producing research and innovation with businesses and other stakeholders, together we can meet real-world challenges.

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