2022#7 6 April

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela


The Perfect Form. Poëzie als spel, complicatie en opheldering

Publiekslezing met auteur Alfred Schaffer - 19/4

Ondanks de afnemende populariteit van literatuur in het algemeen en die van poëzie in het bijzonder, blijft een groot aantal jonge literaire talenten onverminderd kiezen voor het gedicht als uitdrukkingsvorm. Ondanks gemakzuchtige aannames van poëzie als ontoegankelijk en obscuur, verschijnt nationaal en internationaal een aantal indrukwekkende teksten die maatschappelijke en mondiale kwesties aankaart, of erop vooruitloopt. Er moet dus iets in de onbegrensde mogelijkheden van de poëzie schuilen, waardoor ze ondanks alles een relevante literaire factor blijft. Wat zou dat ‘iets’ kunnen zijn?

Alfred Schaffer (Universiteit Stellenbosch) en Yves T'Sjoen (UGent) gaan hierover met elkaar het gesprek aan in Bibliotheek De Krook.

Muziek door Stefan Dixon.


Public lecture: Cattle Visions

The Creation and Collection of Art in the Kingdom of Rwanda - 19/4

This talk examines the art of the Rwandan kingdom in the Great Lakes Region of eastern Africa, investigating how environmental and political conditions in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including encounters with European missionaries and colonial powers, shaped artistic creativity in Rwanda.

Ultimately, the talk will consider the following questions: How was the image of the kingdom transformed by Rwandese artists? What can material objects reveal about Rwanda’s heritage and state formation? How and why did artwork impact Rwandan and European perceptions of the kingdom more broadly?


CliMigHealth Working seminar - 21/4

Resilience of primary care facilities to climate change and migration in the Gauteng province: towards an operational resilience framework

The globalized world we live in, is increasingly feeling the adverse health impacts of climate change and migration patterns. This is not different for the Gauteng province in South Africa, where the primary health care facilities are -supposed to be- playing a key role in adapting to and mitigating the health impacts of these challenges. For this reason, it is important to strengthen the primary health care facilities. In this study, based on the existing scientific literature and interviews with primary care providers, we developed an operational resilience framework to support this strengthening.

During this working seminar, we will present the framework that has been developed and would like to get your input.


Book presentation - 27/4

Rainforest Capitalism: Power and Masculinity in a Congolese Timber Concession

CRG and MENARG kindly invite you to the book presentation of 'Rainforest Capitalism' (Duke University Press, 2022) by Dr. Thomas Hendriks (KU Leuven), followed by a panel discussion with Dr. Soraya El Kahlaoui (MENARG) and Prof. Maria Martin de Almagro (CRG), and a Q&A, chaired by Dr. Siggie Vertommen (MENARG, CRGC).


Open Lezing door Peggy Bouva - 19/5

'De plantage van onze voorouders'

Peggy Bouva (Rotterdam, 1978) is moeder, public speaker, juridisch kwaliteitsmedewerker en werkzaam binnen het Sociaal Domein in Zuid-Holland. Met haar bedrijf Community & Knowledge streeft ze ernaar om kennis van het Afro Surinaams Cultureel Erfgoed spelenderwijs over te dragen. Samen met journaliste Maartje Duin werkte ze mee aan de Podcast de Plantage van onze Voorouders. Deze productie is in 2020 gebroadcast via de VPRO. De jury verkoos 'De plantage van onze voorouders' unaniem tot Beste Podcast van 2020.


Tropentag2022: call for papers is open

Can agroecological farming feed the world? Farmers’ and Academia’s view

Tropentag is an annual international conference on research in tropical and subtropical agriculture and rural development. TT22 is organised from 14-16 September 2022, by the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.

The debates on global food production challenges have become polarised, among both scientists and farmers, widening the gap between the advocates of industrial agriculture and global
commerce, and the supporters of local food systems and organic farming.
TT22 will review recent research results that address these challenges from various points of view, with different approaches.


The Africa Platform signs an MoU with ADI Africa

Looking forward to future collaboration!

Africa Global Development for Positive Change Initiative (ADIafrica) is an International organization set up for promoting peace, leadership, transparency, good governance and training man-power for sustainable development in Africa and the world at large.

As part of its activities, they collaborate with various stakeholders in all fields of life in order to offer expertise in nine thematic areas of peace building, good governance and accountability, advocacy and leadership, health and agriculture, climate change, renewable energy, trade, International relations and communication which gears towards contributing positively to the sustainable growth and development of the developing world in general and Africa in particular.


VLIR-UOS International Training Programme (ITP) projects 2023

Announcement of the Call

ITP are projects that focus on short- to medium-term, intensive, interactive and practice-oriented training courses, distinguished by topic, dealing with sustainable development, transversal skills for Higher Education (HE) management, transversal or priority themes (e.g. gender, sustainable development, human rights, digital 4 development, decent work, etc).

We are glad to announce the launch of the Call for International Training Programme (ITP) projects 2023 to start as of the 1st of January 2023. This is the first ITP call within the new Five-Year Programme 2022 – 2027 (FYP2) to be launched by VLIR-UOS, with new ambitions, innovative approaches, and lessons learned from Covid-19.


EU-Africa summit ends with science cooperation pledge

Leaders from two continents promise to “step up” support for closer scientific ties

The sixth EU-African Union summit has ended with a pledge from the political leaders of the two blocs to increase their cooperation on science, among other areas.
A Joint Vision for 2030 published on 18 February after two days of EU-AU talks promised to “step up our support to scientific cooperation between researchers to develop knowledge together, as well as sharing technology and expertise, including through a joint AU-EU Innovation Agenda”.
The vision said the two unions will also encourage student exchanges through the EU’s Erasmus+ programme, “and develop partnerships between universities in order to improve our mutual understanding and foster excellence”.


AEGIS Summer School

CfP open - deadline 8 April 2022

Some additional places have become available at the AEGIS Summer School to be held in Cagliari (Italy) on 3-6 May 2022. The Summer School will address the theme of African Futures: Promises, Projections and Reflections on a Continent in Transition.

The Call will stay open only until 8 April 2022.

Please find the CfP for the 2022 AEGIS Summer School here: https://www.africaplatform.ugent.be/news/aegis-summer-school-cfp-re-open-deadline-8-april-2022

Upcoming events

Launch: Joint Call to Foster Trilateral Academic Collaboration

Between the University of the Western Cape, University of Missouri and Ghent University

WHEN 07-03-2022
WHERE Online
ORGANIZER Africa Platform of Ghent University Association
CONTACT Annelies.Verdoolaege@UGent.be
WEBSITE https://www.africaplatform.ugent.be/event/launch-joint-call-foster-trilateral-academic-collaboration

The Tri-Continental Partnership (3CP) is a trilateral agreement between the University of Missouri, the University of the Western Cape and Ghent University. To promote our partnership during this time of reduced travel, we are providing funds to support virtual research and teaching collaborations between faculty members at the three institutions.

The committee welcomes proposals from all fields. Projects could involve comparative research, other types of rigorous academic research, or the joint development of courses or course material. We are seeking innovative and creative ideas for using new technologies to facilitate the collaboration.

Costs will be covered up to $5,000 per project, according to the rules of each university and based on real costs.

This application form should be submitted to the local contact person at the principal applicant’s home institution before April 22, 2022.

Belezen wetenschappers


WHEN 26-04-2022 from 19:30 to 21:00
WHERE Bibliotheek De Krook, Krookcafé - Miriam Makebaplein 1, 9000 Gent
ORGANIZER Africa Platform of Ghent University Association en De Krook
CONTACT Annelies.Verdoolaege@UGent.be
WEBSITE https://avansa-regiogent.be/activiteiten/belezen-wetenschappers-afrika-editie

Naast een paneldiscussie met Sarah De Saeger, Patrick Van Damme en Koen Bostoen, gemodereerd door auteur en radiomaker Pat Donnez, zal Inge Brinkman een inleidende presentatie geven over de rijkdom aan talen en literaturen op het Afrikaanse continent.

Met muziek door Daouda Thiam uit Mauretanië.

Meet & Engage with the Kenyan embassy

WHEN 17-05-2022 from 16:00 to 19:00
WHERE Ouder Infirmerie, Het Pand, Onderbergen 1, Ghent
ORGANIZER Africa Platform of Ghent University Association
CONTACT Annelies.Verdoolaege@UGent.be
WEBSITE https://www.africaplatform.ugent.be/event/meet-engage-kenyan-embassy


Introduction + presentation UGent by Mieke Van Herreweghe, UGent Deputy Vice Chancellor

Pitch presentations by UGent professors on their research in Kenya

Speech by HE the Ambassador


Informal meeting + drinks & snacks