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Stuart Parkin
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Freelancing Without a Gameplan

Much advice has been written about how to prepare for freelance, primarily focused on the mechanics. But what about the often-overlooked element, strategic consideration as to how freelance will advance your career? It certainly can if you have a clear perspective on your growth. Key:

Know thyself - Be honest with yourself about your strengths/weaknesses. Freelance work does not have the built-in support structures often available with full-time work.

Your Personality - If you are self-confident, go-getting, happy fronting up, like new business/chasing, that's good, as you will spend relatively more time hunting compared to full-time.

Preferred Working Style - Freelancers often work on discrete projects, are often kept at arms' length and don't see completed work.

Support Networks - If you prefer working solo, perfect. If you don't, work well without support networks you may struggle.

Tolerance for Uncertainty - The recent freelance landscape has seen an abundance of work but the business landscape is changing. If you have a low tolerance for uncertainty/a real need for steady regular income, freelance might not be optimal.

Work Flexibility - One of the biggest reasons for freelance. But, unless you have a range of clients, you may well end up being beholden and have little more flexibility than when you worked full-time.

Positive Psychology - Unless your life is primarily focused on non-work goals, whether full-time or freelance, a lack of genuine career plan will in time make for real pressure. Alternatively, knowing where you want freelance to take you, will enhance your mental state.

If you feel you are getting the learning/experience you sought when starting to work for yourself, great, what are your next growth areas? If you aren't learning new things, it might be time to reassess either the work you are taking on or working as a freelancer.

As ever, happy to talk with any of you about the potential career building opportunity that under the right conditions, freelance can deliver.






Job Opportunities 07/22

If you know of anyone looking for full-time or part-time work, some of the below opportunities are full-time and some temp to perm.

1. Director Strategy - NY-based creative agency - 190K

2. VP Strategy - NY-based healthcare agency - 180-200K

3. Freelance - Director level - London creative agency

4. SVP Strategic Growth - NJ-based healthcare agency - 250K


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