Reddit blacks out, how to cut a watermelon in 15 seconds, math riddles, love wins, Edward Snowden got bullied in elementary school, a gremlins cake gets WAY out of control, and more.
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So. Things were… eventful this week. To put it mildly.

It started on Thursday when we let go one of our employees, Victoria Taylor, who had helped coordinate AMAs for the last couple years.

I can’t publicly comment on why we made this decision, but I can talk about the way we handled it—we screwed up. Victoria worked extensively with the moderator teams in r/IAMA, r/books, r/science, and more to make sure AMAs went smoothly, and when she left, we didn’t have a great process in place to handle that transition and didn’t communicate it to those mods very well.

The mods of r/IAMA, concerned about how things would work moving forward, temporarily shut down the subreddit. Many more mods, also upset by our failure to provide proper tools and support, followed suit. As you may have noticed, Reddit looked pretty different from normal for a while.

There’s a much more in-depth overview of what happened in r/outoftheloop.

We’ve received the message, we’ve talked with a lot of moderators, and we’re going to get better. We know we’ve done a pretty terrible job at communicating. We know a lot of things on the site don’t work as well as you—and we—would like. We know there are a lot more issues and that the community as a whole is pretty unhappy with us right now.

I know apologies and promises feel empty right now, but that’s all I can give—with the additional promise that we really do mean it. We’ve recently hired a product manager for the community team who is working on new tools. We’re actively working on brigading. We’re figuring out solutions to improve modmail. But it takes time to make these changes, so they won’t be here tomorrow. But they will be here.

We’re sorry. And we’re going to do better. In the meantime, there were a lot of other really cool things that happened on Reddit this week, and we’d still like to share them with you below.

Alexis Ohanian, Co-founder
Ever seen contact juggling? It’s completely mesmerizing.
submitted by WritingPromptIdiot

The official performance starts at about 0:55, so make sure you keep watching through the introductory stuff.

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Great question, uhasnicelegs. Thankfully, Klatsoot has a really interesting answer for you.

It has a little bit to do with 10 million years’ difference in evolution and cows not being as cool as horses.

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How to cut a watermelon in 15 seconds
submitted by SpaceAssassin
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The women’s soccer World Cup final match is today!

Get the scoop on Japan and USA so far and see the predictions of the women’s soccer community to get you pumped for the game. You can also see highlights from some of the previous games, such as Laura Bassett’s devastating goal against her own team that eliminated England and sent Japan to the finals (and her emotional interview afterwards).

Looking for even more soccer (or, football, to most of the world)? Check out r/Soccer!

Poor Eddie Snowden. Proof that all of us have to deal with mean friends growing up.
submitted by Dishy31983

Dishy31983 was going through some childhood memories when they discovered they may have been a bit of a bully in the third grade. And when someone accused them of making it up, they provided yearbook photos of Edward Snowden from junior high and high school as well.

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Happy belated Canada Day! If only baby humans were this capable this quickly.

And in more spirit of Canadia, there’s also an amazing Canadian Gothic portrait that is totally better than the American version.

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ChristineHMcConnell made a gremlins cake. And then things got a little out of hand.
submitted by ChristineHMcConnell

Make sure you check out the full album here, as well as her other phenomenal past submissions!

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Love keeps winning

After last week’s historic ruling by the US Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage in America, celebrations broke out in r/ainbow and r/lgbt. ieatllamas bought a ring, goforbacon shared his father’s moving response to the ruling, and Autodidact2 shared a great photo of two men at a rally in Denver who had waited over 35 years to be able to marry each other.

Things also moved forward in other ways large and small, as Mozambique decriminalized homosexuality and the Girls Scouts returned a $100,000 donation when the donor demanded it not be used for trans girls.

Of course, there’s still a huge amount of work to be done. Just as a small example: it’s legal to fire someone for being gay in 28 US states.

Wait for Meee!
submitted by sooperdavid

I’ve never seen such an adorably happy thing under the sea. Most of it tends to border more on the terrifying and weird.

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Can you figure out the probability of the results?
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Ever wondered what really happens at those “foot massage” parlors but were too embarrassed to ask? r/myfriendwantstoknow has you covered for all your awkward questions.