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DCAF | Legislative Guidance Tool for States to Regulate Private Military and Security Companies

Developed by DCAF in response to growing challenges in national regulation of the private security industry, the tool provides guidance to parliamentarians, lawmakers, members of oversight committees and other actors in national legislative processes who are in the process of updating or developing national regulation related to PMSCs. 


SSR in Practice | DCAF-ISSAT Activities

Snapshots of current mandates

Mandator: Germany
To provide facilitation on building a theory of change for SSR at the Military Operational Thinking course of the German Defence Academy. Course participants are full Colonel level (OF5). 31 October - 2 November. Hamburg.

Resource Library

Policy and Research Papers

Injustice and (In)Security: Public perceptions of Nigeria and Kenya’s security forces and their implications for the fight against violent extremism

Using evidence from Afrobarometer surveys, the authors analyse public perceptions of security in Nigeria and Kenya and the implications this has on countering violent extremism.

Preparing for Complex Conflicts

The Fragility Study Group is an independent and non-partisan effort of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Center for a New American Security and the United States Institute of Peace. This brief is part of a series authored by scholars from the three institutions that build on the chair's report which discusses the implications of fragility on existing U.S. tools, strategic interests and challenges.

Transitional justice: Topic Guide

Outlining key transitional justice mechanisms and looking at crucial factors for the design of strategies, processes and mechanisms, this topic guide was written by Huma Haidar (GSDCR, University of Birmingham) and supported by the UK government. 

Recycling Rebels? Demobilisation in the Congo

The Rift Valley Institute analyses why and how previous DDR processes in DRC have failed, and provides a sketch of the current state of affairs and future prospects for demobilisation. It reviews the impact of CONADER and the potential of DDR III, focusing on the role of combatants, commanders and politicians.


Women Leadership Untapped - Dr. Saran Daraba Kaba

An inspiring talk by Dr Saran Daraba Kaba, the first woman to become Secretary-General of the Mano River Union. She shares her personal experience working with women’s groups to help resolve one of the most violent civil wars of the 20th century, the civil wars in Sierra Leone and Liberia.



From Nuclear Disarmament to Nuclear Energy: Implications for Human Security | Monday 31 October | Geneva

Laureates of the Right Livelihhood Award (the alternative Nobel Peace Prize) will discuss the topic of nuclear weapons. Because of the potentially catastrophic consequences of the 15,000 nuclear weapons remaining active, the international community is now contemplating a ban treaty for the same humanitarian reasons that other categories of weapons have been prohibited.

Neither War nor Peace: Bosnia's lessons for post-conflict peace-building | Tuesday 01 November | 18:30 - 20:00 | London

Organised by the London School of Economics and Political Science this debate will focus on  why the peace process in Bosnia has not been more successful and draw lessons for future peace-building.

Dialogue and mediation in North Africa: Insights from the field | Monday 07 November | 13:00 - 14:20 | Geneva

The Institute for Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding is organising this conference to present and discuss multifarious mediations in Libya, from mediating faith to mediating mining conflicts.


Interpreter Security Sector | CTG Global | Tripoli
Deadline: 31 October 2016

Senior Field Security Officer | UNRWA | Damascus
Deadline: 12 November 2016

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Want to learn about good practice in security and justice programming? Explore ISSAT's SSR in Practice page. It contains explanations of key concepts, recommended activities, and a growing collection of case studies, tools, examples, lessons, and other resources drawn from the collective experience of the community.