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Rage - Plett Rage crowds are set to break records in 2020
Culture - Plett's first history festival
Blog - The hunt for the coldest amber & gold
Nature - Plett’s Indian Ocean humpback dolphin surveys
To do - Free things to do in Plett
Photos - A slice of Plett Summer in pictures
Tourism - A new dawn for Tsitsikamma Tourism Association
Events - Current and upcoming events in & around Plett


Plett Rage crowds are set to break records in 2020

The Rage Festival is that long-awaited holiday break between late November and the first week of December, when school leavers are in the mood to celebrate the end of their school career before embarking on the next phase of their life journey. The Plett Rage is the ‘granddaddy’ of all student rages in South Africa in that it is the oldest and most desirable end of year post-matric celebration destination for South African students.

As the local destination marketing organization in Plettenberg Bay, it is part of Plett Tourism’s function to not only assist with the facilitation of events such as the Plett Rage, but to monitor tourism development in the Bitou area, along the Garden Route, in South Africa generally and internationally to keep abreast of current trends and stay ahead of the ever changing kaleidoscope that comprises the tourism industry. As such, the feedback from Ronen Klugman, a director of Student Rage Events, via Plett Tourism Chairman, Bruce Richardson was that “Plett Rage 2019 was the most successful Plett Rage ever, with a flawless performance both organisationally and in keeping the young people safe.”

Richardson went on to say that the students were thrilled with the Plett Rage venues and entertainment on offer and to re-affirm that every effort was made to ensure that Plett remains by far the safest venue for Rage students to attend as a result of detailed co-ordinated security planning and a great deal of hard work and commitment across the spectrum by those involved.

The unqualified success of Rage 2019 bodes well for the future growth of the festival and Patty Butterworth, media spokesperson for Plett Tourism, stated “initial indications in terms of accommodation bookings for Rage 2020 are that the numbers seem to be up, way up. Parents are already calling our office because they are struggling to find available accommodation in the most popular areas for student accommodation. As a result, we urge parents to commence the planning of their young people’s arrangements as early as possible so as to ensure that they are able to find suitable accommodation”.

While the matric rage concept has been growing for a number of years in a number of centres, Plett Rage 2020 is experiencing unprecedented growth because of the demand by parents for a safe and streamlined student experience which includes extensive coordinated security arrangements to ensure student safety together with amazing and imaginative Rage venues, top level entertainment, safe transport arrangements, food, lodging and activities. An added value product for 2020 will be the launch of the new Rage Travel offering by the organisers. Plett Rage has partnered with local businesses to offer package deals for students to make the Rage experience in Plett even more streamlined and accessible.

Recognizing that peace-of-mind is a top priority for parents, the organisers work with local authorities and safety and security organisations to streamline the safety and security of the students.

Plett Rage security consultants, Bruce Richardson and Marius Venter, both members of the executive committee of the Plettenberg Bay Crime Prevention Association, work together with all key role players in both the public and private sectors when it comes to the safety and security of the students in terms of a comprehensively prepared, documented and executed security plan . This includes planning and implementation with the SAP Station Commander, Bitou Municipality Head of Public Safety, and a number of private security companies and voluntary associations.

Says Richardson, “All security information and plans of action are distributed to key role players, the motivation being to put all participants in contact with each other so that in the event of a problem, the parties know who to contact and how to contact them. It is a massive exercise involving many aspects including an assessment of the current state of criminality in the town to ensure that all bases are covered. As a result, we have had no serious incidents involving Rage students for the past seven years.”

Richardson also comments, “As an added bonus for the town, a percentage of the income earned from the Plett Rage by Student Rage Events is paid into the “Plett Rage Trust” which supports worthy beneficiaries within the Bitou area. A primary focus is to contribute towards keeping visitors safe during Plett Rage but the Trust also makes contributions to a number of charitable and social support organisations in the area. In the past, donations have been made to the Shepherds (get students home safely) Rage programme, the Red Frogs, the PBCPA, the Community Policing Forum. Other beneficiaries include Masizame Children’s Shelter, the Crags Drill Squad youth outreach and the Adopt-a-Swimmer programme together with making a contribution towards the refurbishment of the municipal lifesaving huts.”

Pin drop PlettThe official dates for Plett Rage 2020 are 27 November through 4 December. Pre-registration will open early January 2020 and tickets will be available mid-March 2020. 

Refer to Plett Rage digital channels and the official website for ticket sales:

Plett Rage crowds are set to break records in 2020
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Plett’s first history festival

Pin drop PlettPlett Tourism is excited to introduce a new highlight on the Plett Calendar of events, the Watercourse History Fest in Plett, 13 – 15 February 2020.

Local Media and Development Consultant and publisher of the Watermark Press series, Mike Kantey, is the festival director and impresario of the first history festival in Plettenberg Bay.

The first Watercourse History Fest in Plett offers a variety of programmes for both residents and visitors to experience the Southern Cape’s unique cultural heritage and historical resources. The Watercourse Media & Development Company has developed a schedule designed to tell the story of Early Modern Humans and the “first people” of the Southern Cape during this community-wide event. All events are free of charge unless otherwise stated.

Plett offers a variety of programmes for both residents and visitors to experience our unique cultural and historical heritage. The organisers have developed two days of presentations and debate to introduce two eras in Southern Cape history: the period of Early Modern Humans and that of so-called ‘First People’, otherwise known as Khoekhoen and ‘Bushmen’.

Plett’s first history festival
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Wandisile's Plett  |  The hunt for the coldest amber & gold

A blog by Wandisile Afrika Sebezo

Plett Tourism’s Wandisile Afrika Sebezo takes us on a journey to find the coldest beers in Plett.

If you’re looking for the complete coastal experience this summer, as you may already know that Plett has it all, and it can be overwhelming we know, so that’s why we took it upon ourselves to compile this stunning list of some of the best spots to quench your thirst this #PlettSummer.

How do I like mine you may ask? Well, I prefer lagers over ales, it must be crisp and malty, and in freezing temperature at all times.

Flashbacks Pub & Grill
Look, every town has its own sports bar, this is ours, with just over five TV screens too for all your live games. Flashbacks is by far ‘THE’ most popular pub in the whole of Plett. With its perfect location on Main Street, you get great views, friendly staff, and outstanding customer service. They also serve sizzling wood-fired pizzas.

Arrive early enough, and you may be guaranteed the coldest Castle Lite in town. Predominantly an SAB supplier, you can find your stalwarts and most recently some new and exciting artisanal beers in their newly revamped bar.

Grand Africa Lookout Beach
Relatively a new kid on the block, in what was formerly Equinox and now part of the Grand Africa Collection along with its upstairs neighbour The Grand Africa Lookout Beach, formerly The Lookout Deck. It screams elegance, sand, sea, and sun in one place, and thank heavens we’re in Plett as we have all of these, but nowhere are they better packaged than at the Grand Africa Lookout Beach.

Situated at the Blue Flag Lookout Beach, if you’re lucky you might spot Moby Dick whirling by. They offer a large selection of draft beers served in frosted pilsner glasses. Their house specialties include Tigers Milk, Tigers Milk Weiss, Part Wolf and Part Wolf Lite, Stella Artois, Budweiser, Heineken and SA’s favourite – Castle Lite.

N2 Lounge
Having officially opened its doors a year ago, this lounge, as the name suggests, is virtually on the N2, at the entrance of Kwano. It has established itself as some kind of jazz hub, but not to the detriment of other genres of course. It’s one of those places where the barman knows your name and remembers your drink.

It’s a must-visit for those who enjoy a sit down while slurping their favourite whiskey. It has earned the reputation as the place where “intelligent and honest conversations” come about as the who’s who of Plett often frequent the lounge. They specialise for mostly SAB Miller brands such Castle Lager, Black Label and Castle Lite. They also have Amstel, Heineken and Corona.

Skhulu’z Lounge
The old meets the young as jazz fuses with deep house to give you the ultimate township nightlife experience. In fact, you haven’t visited Kwano if you have not been to Skhulu’z Lounge, formerly known as Schoolboys Jazz Café, it’s practically the royalty of all Plett hangout spots and has been around for three decades.

Pop a cold one, dance with a local, and while you at it, you might want to taste some of that township cuisine that’s always on offer. Predominantly an SAB supplier, in true kasi style the beers are served in the bottle and the glass is available on request. Always cold!

The Table
You can’t miss this ideally placed restaurant and bar just meters across from the famous dolphin circle on the corner of Odland and Main Street. The atmosphere of the buzzing Main Street gives you a front row seat to capture the soul of the entire town as locals and visitors alike go on about their business.

Here, as their motto suggests, you get “simple food with serious taste,” Psst; they serve Bloedlemoen gin and tonic on tap, how about that! They specialise in ice-cold craft beers on tap including SA’s Devil’s Peak, Jack Black and Butcher Block. You can also get a Beergarita – a schooner concoction of tequila, fresh lemon and lime and a Miller, pure genius! You will be ready to get groovy with those amazing tunes!

The Bungalow
Here you will find the most amazing beachside villa tucked away at one of Plett’s favourite playground beaches – Hobie Beach, right by the body-boarder paradise, The Wedge. Besides their amazing sea views, their sushi has somewhat of a reputation around these parts, as for their cocktails, well, just the same.

You might want to take a dive in the pool and enjoy their Instagrammable cool décor while at it. It just doesn’t matter, like cake by the ocean, beer by the ocean… does it get any better than that? Super-chilled beers sold here include Devil’s Peak and Fokof Lager (both SA craft beers) in addition to the popular brews like Heineken, Corona, Miller and plenty of others. Pin drop Plett

We wish you happy hunting!

The hunt for the coldest amber & gold

Plett’s Indian Ocean humpback dolphin surveys

By the Orca Foundation

Over the last year we have managed to complete 40 surveys for the Plettenberg Bay humpback dolphin project. The surveys have gone well, for the most part, with humpback dolphin sightings on 72.5% of surveys and with a total of 45 humpback dolphin groups encountered during the year.

During countless hours at sea, we have enjoyed many glimpses into the lives of these amazing and endangered marine mammals. There were many highlights, but one of the biggest was seeing a number of new calves in the beginning of the year and watching them grow as the year went by.

These surveys are run in collaboration with Nelson Mandela University and the data will be used to find out more about the humpback dolphins here in Plettenberg bay. Additionally, the data will also be used to collaborate in projects at a national scale in order to provide a cohesive picture of this endangered species along the South African coastline.

A big thank you to all those who helped us collect data during the surveys, to Ocean Blue Adventures for the use of their vessel and Plett Tractor Services for kindly wavering much of the launching and beaching fees for the project.  Pin drop Plett

This is an excerpt from the December issue of Orca Times, conservation news from Plett’s Orca Foundation.

Plett’s Indian Ocean humpback dolphin surveys. Photo: Danielle Conry
Photo: Danielle Conry

Free things to do in Plettenberg Bay

Grab your moment in Plett without making a dent in your budget! Discover the best of Plett with our editor’s favourite places to play on a budget.

Having fun in Plett doesn’t require a lot of money; in fact, many things to see and do are absolutely free or lighter on the wallet. With a selection of beautiful beaches, priceless backdrops, and an abundance of unique activities, Plett offers fun and interesting options for kids and adults on a budget.

  • Stop by the Plett Tourism Visitors Centre at Melville’s Corner Shopping Centre on Plett’s Main Street to pick up a local map and calendar of events for this summer.
  • Pack a picnic and enjoy the scenery and the waves at one of our beautiful beaches.
  • Try your hand at some angling, choose to reel it in from the lofty rocks or ‘beach chair’ it from the shore. Be sure to pop in at the Post Office in the Main Street for your day license (minimal cost). From Nature’s Valley to Robberg Beach, the fishing is excellent.
  • Walk or jog along our sidewalks and boardwalks. See the beautiful boats and marine life along the way or take a seat and enjoy the view from one of the benches or picnic tables.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and take your bike for a spin around town.
  • Window shop at Old Nick Village and visit the weaving museum at the Mungo Mill.
  • Peruse local produce and sample fresh fruits at the Old Nick Village Farmer’s Market every Wednesday.
  • See (and hear) the barking seals at Robberg peninsula from the corner on Robberg Beach.
  • Do some birding along the Bitou Wetlands, in the Garden of Eden or along the Salt River Trail in Nature’s Valley. ÁÁ Explore the many nooks and crannies, the boutique shops and galleries along Plett’s Main Street.
  • Go tide-pooling along the beaches; such as, Singing Kettle Beach, Arch Rock Beach near Enrico’s restaurant or Mermaid’s Pool on the BI rocks at Robberg 1.
  • Run with the frolicking dogs on the sandy shoreline of Sanctuary Beach. While you are there, build a sandcastle, fly a kite or spot a dolphin. And yes, your dog is allowed off the leash.
  • Watch the sunrise from the Whale Tail bench
  • just above Lookout Beach.
  • Walk the beaches and spot a cormorant, recognised as the SA Bird of the Year.
  • Stretch your legs with a walk from Central Beach to the Boundary Stone of the Dutch East Indian Company from the late 18th Century, where Governor Baron von Plettenberg commissioned the Timber Shed, now a proclaimed national monument.
  • Meander across the road to the new Old Rectory Hotel, a five-star hotel that remains virtually intact from the days of the Dutch East Indian Company and has recently been renovated.
  • Feed and pet the angora goats at The Peppermill in The Crags.
  • Take a trip through the Plett Winelands and see the vineyards in The Crags and in Harkerville. This is South Africa’s smallest wine of origin region.
  • Drive to Angie’s G-Spot, through the Prince Alfred’s Pass (a 4 x 4 or an SUV are recommended) to witness Thomas Bain’s greatest work. It’s a long pass and presented almost every technical obstacle to the pass builders, who were Italian prisoners of war more than 150 years ago.
  • Take photos of the two Land_Art creations; Aartmoeders and Calling the Herd. Aartmoeders is in the Robberg Coastal Corridor area and is easily accessible via the Kranshoek village. Calling the Herd can be found on the road towards Uniondale.
  • Let the kids run off steam at the Saturday Harkerville Market while you enjoy a cuppa and the fine tunes from days gone by.
  • Pin drop PlettCycle along the many kilometres of trails in the Harkerville Forest area of SANParks Garden Route Nature Reserve, truly a mountain biker’s paradise.
Free things to do in Plettenberg Bay

A slice of Plett Summer in pictures

Oh, where to start? As always summer in Plettenberg Bay is a sunshiny cacophony of colour and sound: our days are spent on the beach, in the ocean, on the trails and at any number of sporting events and our evenings are spent enjoying the sunset while enjoying the musical talents of some of SA’s finest artists.

Highlights of this past high season include the Kia Summer Slam International Beach Tennis Tour, the polo season and all of its festivities, the Robberg Fine Foods Classic Beach Regatta, Plett GQOM Experience, Discovery Sabrina Love Ocean Challenge, GoodLuck’s summer residency, Get Lucky Summer, Secret Sunrise, We Love Summer and a yoga festival.Pin drop Plett

The list goes on and on, and below, for your enjoyment, is a slice of another epic #plettsummer in pictures

A slice of Plett Summer in pictures

A new dawn for Tsitsikamma Tourism Association

Lee-Marque Jansen has been appointed as the Chairperson for Tsitsikamma Tourism following TTA’s recent Annual General Meeting for 2019. Born and bred in Tsitsikamma, Lee-Marque who is only 28 years of age, is the first person of colour to head up the Association and the youngest! Aware that he has his work cut out for him, Jansen explains that over his professional career in the industry and now heading up Marketing and Public Relations for Stormsriver Adventures Pty Ltd.

It has all equipped him with the necessary leadership and interpersonal skills to work with a diverse group of people to set realistic goals and work towards a common goal for destination marketing and to grow tourism in the region working with different organisations. “I am humbled and eager at the opportunity to lead but at the same time learn from the rest of the board.”

The management of Tsitsikamma Tourism Association is a diverse group with experience ranging from CEO’s, a SATSA Board & Chapter Member, Marketers, Park Manager and Owners of different hospitality and tourism establishments. “We are fortunate to have a management team of such caliber and experience step up to lead tourism in the region” said Jansen. “We are at a critical stage on which we need to build; we need collective leadership to successfully implement our strategy and take advantage of the market opportunities ahead.”

In the portfolio of Vice Chairperson, Brochure Management & Social Media is Mrs. Lesley Ann Cola who comes with vast knowledge and experience of the industry. Secretary – Diane Sampson, Finance – Chris Sykes, LTO’s – Dewald Nieman and in the portfolio for New Members, Member Benefits & Expo’s – Jonker Fourie. Nieman with his impeccable reputation as SATSA Board Member who also heads up SATSA Eastern Cape has been of TTA’s management team since its inception and thus a prominent member of the team.

Nicolette Saayman responsible for Stakeholder Relations of TTA thanked the previous Management team for their unwavering support for the growth of Tourism in the region and wishes her new colleagues on the management team all the best.Pin drop Plett

For enquiries: Lee-Marque Jansen | Cell: 062 343 3959 | Email:

Lee-Marque Jansen


Plett’s Harkerville parkrun 01 Sep Surf Café lineup Dynamic Girls Rock The Old Nick Collective till 12 Jan
Plett’s Harkerville parkrun (every Sat) Surf Café lineup
till 12 Jan
Discoveries from Africa Exhibition till 31 Jan The Old Nick Collective till 12 Jan
Twilight Run Positive Approach Program 11 Jan A night of classical masterpieces 15 Jan Opera Angels
Twilight Run
10 Jan
Positive Approach Program 11 Jan A night of classical masterpieces 15 Jan Opera Angels
24 Jan
Geluk Grand Sessions Volume 3 on 24 Jan Watercourse History Festival 13 Feb Plett Music Festival Plett Truck & Vine Festival 26 Apr
Geluk Grand Sessions Volume 4 on 08 Feb Watercourse History Festival 13 Feb Plett Performing Arts Festival 21 Feb Plett Truck & Vine Festival 26 Apr
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