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Stuart Parkin
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Job Security and Career Opportunity - One Key Step


One word I hear much of when talking to clients and candidates today is 'uncertainty.' Budgets are being trimmed and with them, jobs.

Whether you have full-time employment or freelance work, fundamental for your career security and success is 'personal agency,' defined as   

'Thoughts and actions taken by people that express their individual power.'

Key is having a clear understanding of what you know you want to learn, to achieve, to impact, so that you can proactively work toward achieving these things.

To use the language of creative agencies, write your own 'brief,' not for use with creatives, but for anyone that can help you manifest your ambition, your goals.

The best strategists have a clear sense of agency and so do things 'on purpose!' Those that struggle, are often either passive, reactive or their efforts to bolster their job prospects are intermittent. 

Relying on your boss, your work, even your reputation to secure your existing role or a new one, ignores the champion of success, proactivity, on and off the job. Reputation/quality work alone should be enough, alas reality tells a different story.

Some steps we can all take to enhance our own security and opportunity are outlined below. Think about these in the context of your own agency, passive or proactive or perhaps, haphazard.

Enhancing your chances of Job/Work security:

1. Stay close to the money/cashflow - 

2.Be easy to work with

3.A all times, be proactive, known to be the bearer of solutions if not, fresh ideas.

4. Value add beyond your own work -  Enhance team effectiveness or the culture of the place you work

5. Ensure that those that make decisions know the value you create.

6. Have a strong relationship with clients.

7. Work on the most profitable accounts.

8. Work on accounts where work sees the light of day.

9. Work on accounts where the best creative is delivered.

10. Work on products/services that are more recession-proof.

11. Have an open line of communication to your boss/people that make financial decisions.

12. Focus on your current role but find time to build connections elsewhere.

13. Extrovert/Introvert - Whatever you are, be known for being a positive/'can-do' person everyone wants around when the going gets tough.

Remember, at the end of the day, it's not your health (although health insurance is a worry in the U.S.) it's a job.

Any others, you'd add?

Positive thoughts and hear for you all any time,



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