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Welcome to the February speechBITE newsletter! In this edition, we are updating you on the latest intervention research that has recently been added to speechBITE. The papers included in this edition cover interventions for paediatric language and literacy; paediatric speech; adult language; adult speech; fluency; dysphagia; and voice. Six of the papers are open access.

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Latest publications

Paediatric language

Mettler HM, Neiling SL, et al (2023) Vocabulary Acquisition and Usage for Late Talkers: The Feasibility of a Caregiver-Implemented Telehealth Model

Rafiei Milajerdi H, Ordooiazar F, et al (2023) Is active video gaming associated with improvements in social behaviors in children with neurodevelopmental disorders: A systematic review

Yllades VA, Ganz JB, et al (2022) Parent Coaching via Telepractice for Children from Latinx Backgrounds with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Paediatric literacy

Arfé B, Zancato T (2022) Language-specific effects in response to spelling intervention in Italian and in English as an additional language

Gharaibeh M, Dukmak S (2022) Effect of computer-based multisensory program on English reading skills of students with dyslexia and reading difficulties

Paediatric speech

Korkalainen J, McCabe P, et al (2023) Motor Speech Interventions for Children With Cerebral Palsy: A Systematic Review OPEN ACCESS

Lim J, McCabe P, et al (2023) Changes in variability during intervention for childhood apraxia of speech: implications for therapy

Adult language

Huang Y, Tan Y, et al (2023) Treatment of primary progressive aphasia by repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study

Lada A, Paquier P, et al (2023) A systematic review: Idiom comprehension in aphasia: The effects of stimuli and task type OPEN ACCESS

Lerman A, Goral M, et al (2023) Rehabilitating an attrited language in a bilingual person with aphasia

Szeto SG, Wan H, et al (2023) Effect of mobile application types on stroke rehabilitation: a systematic review OPEN ACCESS

Adult speech

Boutsen FR, Park E, et al (2023) An Efficacy Study of Voice Quality Using Cepstral Analyses of Phonation in Parkinson's Disease before and after SPEAK-OUT!®


Caughter S, Kelman E, et al (2022) A multidimensional approach for school-aged children who stutter

Karsan Ç, Özdemir RS, et al (2022) The effects of single-session cathodal and bihemispheric tDCS on fluency in stuttering OPEN ACCESS


Farpour S, Asadi-Shekaari M, et al (2023) Improving Swallowing Function and Ability in Post Stroke Dysphagia: A Randomized Clinical Trial OPEN ACCESS

Niu C, Zhou W, et al (2023) The effect of voice training interventions on patients with oropharyngeal dysphagia: a systematic review OPEN ACCESS


Aires MM, Marinho CB, et al (2023) Effect of Endoscopic Glottoplasty on Acoustic Measures and Quality of Voice: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Yildiz MG, Bilal N, et al (2023) Voice Disorders in Lower Primary School Teachers: An Observational Study

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