Newsletter - April 2023

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Welcome to the April speechBITE newsletter! In this edition, we are updating you on the latest intervention research that has recently been added to speechBITE. The papers included in this edition cover interventions for paediatric literacy, adult language, voice, dysphagia, laryngectomy, stuttering, and supporting AAC use. Two of the papers are open access.

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Latest publications

Paediatric literacy

Daza Gonzalez MT, Phillips-Silver J et al. (2023) Improving phonological skills and reading comprehension in deaf children: A new multisensory approach OPEN ACCESS

Mirahadi SS, Nitsche MA, et al (2023) Reading and phonological awareness improvement accomplished by transcranial direct current stimulation combined with phonological awareness training: A randomized controlled trial

Piasta SB, Logan JAR, et al (2023) Small-Group, Emergent Literacy Intervention Under Two Implementation Models: Intent-to-Treat and Dosage Effects for Preschoolers at Risk for Reading Difficulties

Yeung KKY, Chan RTC, et al (2023) Word reading transfer in two distinct languages in reading interventions: How Chinese-English bilingual children with reading difficulties learn to read

Adult language

Dial HR, Europa E, et al (2023) Baseline structural imaging correlates of treatment outcomes in semantic variant primary progressive aphasia

Poirier SÈ, Fossard M, et al (2023) The efficacy of treatments for sentence production deficits in aphasia: a systematic review

Stockbridge MD, Elm J, et al (2023) Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation in Subacute Aphasia: A Randomized Controlled Trial


de Almeida RBS, Costa CC, et al. (2023) Surgical Treatment Applied to Bilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis in Adults: Systematic Review

Entezami P, Tritter A, et al (2023) A systematic review and meta-analysis on the outcomes of type I thyroplasty in the irradiated neck

Nallamuthu A, Boominathan P, et al (2023) Outcomes of Vocal Hygiene Program in Facilitating Vocal Health in Female School Teachers With Voice Problems


Sadeghi Z, Ghoreishi ZS, et al (2023) Efficacy of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy compared to diet modification alone for dysphagia in persons with multiple sclerosis

Xie J, Zhou C, et al (2023) Dosage consideration for transcranial direct current stimulation in post-stroke dysphagia: A systematic review and network meta-analysis OPEN ACCESS


Subbaraj R, Mathews SS, et al (2023) Effect of the nasal airflow inducing manoeuvre on olfaction and quality of life after laryngectomy


Radford N (2023) Positive messages and traditional therapy for three children with persistent stuttering

Supporting AAC use

Gormley J, McNaughton D, et al (2023) Supporting Children’s Communication of Choices During Inpatient Rehabilitation: Effects of a Mobile Training for Health Care Providers

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