20 December 2023#23
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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela


New Nature paper on the Bantu Expansion co-authored by several BantUGent scholars

In a new interdisciplinary study published in Nature, an international group of scientists confirms that the spread of the Bantu language family, which started in West Africa about 5,000 years ago, was mainly driven by human migration.

This new study is based primarily on modern genetic data from 1763 individuals, including 1526 Bantu speakers from 147 different language communities in 14 different African countries, as well as ancient genetic data (aDNA) from 12 individuals from the Late Iron Age. More than one-third of the new data comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), previously underrepresented in evolutionary genetic studies.

Interessante blog van UGent'er in EOS: Epilepsie en demonen in Rwanda


In Rwanda lijden tien keer zoveel mensen aan epilepsie als in België. Deze ongelijkheid is geen toeval. Ze heeft te maken met een ongelijke toegang tot gezondheidszorg.

Rwandese en UGent neurologen bestuderen de oorzaken van deze ongelijkheid en stellen mogelijke gerichte acties voor om tot een oplossing te komen. 

Community Talk: ‘PRIMAFAMED’ Building Primary Health Care in Sub-Saharan Africa with VLIR-UOS support - 20/12/2023

The 'Primary Health Care and Family Medicine' network was launched in 2008, spanning 45 institutions across 25 Sub-Saharan African countries.

Since 2019, Primafamed embraced Africanisation, shifting coordination from the University of Ghent to Stellenbosch University.

In this community talk, the researchers will unveil a SWOT analysis and share insights as a WHO Collaborating Centre.

EOS Wetenschap rapporteert over de verspreiding van de Bantoetalen

Het Nederlandstalige populariserend-wetenschappelijke tijdschrift EOS Wetenschap rapporteert online over BantUGent-onderzoek met betrekking tot de verspreiding van de Bantoetalen.

Genetisch onderzoek toont voor het eerst welke migratieroutes West-Afrikaanse Bantoesprekers duizenden jaren geleden namen. De reizigers lieten zich allerminst afschrikken door hoogvlaktes, regenwouden of woestijnen. De bevindingen kunnen ook onderzoek naar gezondheidsproblemen in Congo bevorderen.

Internationale Conferentie: Reimagining power structures: the potential of feminist foreign policy - 17/1/2024

De Adviesraad Gender en Ontwikkeling nodigt u uit voor de internationale conferentie “Reimagining power structures: the potential of feminist foreign policy”.

Kom op deze internationale conferentie meer te weten over het belang van het versterken van feministische bewegingen in buitenlands beleid en internationale solidariteit. Het zal ook een gelegenheid zijn om de uitdagingen en kansen van een feministisch buitenlands beleid voor België en de Europese Unie in een steeds veranderende politieke context te verkennen.

ANSER Conference: Catalysing Change: Enhancing Evidence-Based Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Policies in Challenging Times - 7-9/2/2024

We are excited to announce that the registration is open for our upcoming  ANSER Conference "Catalysing Change: Enhancing Evidence-Based Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Policies in Challenging Times", which will be held from February 7th to February 9th, 2024, in Brussels (Belgium).

Capitalizing on the momentum of the ICPD30 anniversary, the Belgian EU Presidency and the upcoming EU elections, this conference will bring together renowned researchers, policymakers, advocates, and program implementers from around the world to examine the multifaceted dimensions needed to re-energize the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) agenda.

Réseau Pan-Africain de Nématologie Workshop 2024 - 12 & 13/3/2024

Les 12 et 13 mars 2024, le troisième atelier international PANEMA se tiendra à Cotonou, au Bénin. Cet atelier de deux jours, organisé par l'Université d'Abomey-Calavi, au Bénin, réunira des nématologues qualifiés, des chercheurs en début de carrière, des étudiants, des vulgarisateurs agricoles et des agriculteurs de tout le Bénin et de l'Afrique de l'Ouest.

L'objectif de cet atelier PANEMA au Bénin est de fournir des opportunités éducatives supplémentaires pour ceux qui travaillent dans l'agriculture et la nématologie dans un contexte ouest-africain.



Launch of the 2024 Erasmus+ call for proposals and Programme Guide

The European Commission recently published the new call for project proposals for the year 2024 within the framework of the Erasmus + programme (2021-27). Erasmus+ is the European Union’s programme for education, training, youth and sport. 

In this fourth call, over €4 billion is provided for education and training. In addition to the classic Key Action 1 (the physical exchange of students and staff, Blended Intensive Programmes (BIPs), and Virtual Exchanges), a number of project opportunities within Key Actions 2 and 3, and Jean Monnet are also very relevant in view of participation from higher education.

AEGIS Thematic Conference: A Passage to/from Africa: rhythmic exchanges in the Western Indian Ocean - call for papers deadline: 8/1/2024

This Conference calls for papers on issues concerning Africa and the Indian Ocean, bringing together researchers interested in discussing the following topics:

  • Interpretations and representations of cultural encounters
  • Mobility as a way of life, and its local impacts
  • Diversification of religious ideas and practices
  • Hegemonic powers and the dialectics of dependence and resistance
  • Social asymmetries, economic exchanges, and political reconstructions
  • Popular culture, oral and written literary traditions
  • Colonialisms and decolonizing perspectives

The Conference will be held at the University of Urbino in Italy on the 4 - 5 of April 2024.

Open Doors Fellowship Program: Applications are open!

The Open Doors Fellowship Program, coordinated by IPBO (International Plant Biotechnology Outreach) in collaboration with VLIR-UOS and UGent, is currently accepting applications from post-doctoral and mid-career women scientists in African research centers.

The program is meticulously designed to equip participants with new skills, foster professional networks, and enhance scientific visibility to ensure talents remain into the scientific pipeline.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Partner Funding Opportunities - application deadline: 31/1/2024

Accelerating Catalyzing Solutions for Climate Change's Impact on Health, Agriculture, and Gender

This Grand Challenges request for proposals seeks innovative research and pilot/feasibility projects utilizing transdisciplinary approaches to better adapt to, mitigate, or reverse the combined, deleterious effects of climate change on health, women's lives, and agriculture in the geographies of interest.

Topic Areas:

  • Health Outcomes
  • Nutrition
  • Adaptation Strategies for Agriculture and Income Development
  • Knowledge Management and Data Integration of Climate and Health Databases
  • Effective Response and Resilient Supply Chains for Crisis Management

The funding level is up to USD $200,000.00, for each grant. The period of performance is up to two years.

Call for applications to establish networks of epidemic and pandemic sciences research excellence across Africa - deadline: 31/1/2024

The Epidemic Science Leadership and Innovation Networks (EPSILONs) aim to nurture and promote world-class epidemic and pandemic sciences research and innovation in Africa.

The networks will be led by an outstanding African investigator based at an African research institution and will bring together multiple organizations in a consortium for up to six years. Each consortium will be awarded core funding of up to USD $4 million.   

Call for papers - International workshop: Scientific Analyses on Pottery Finds from Africa - deadline: 31/1/2024

Pottery production on the African continent is among the oldest in the world, and in many regions, the practice has endured into modern times. Compared to other parts of the world, the study of pottery in and from Africa using modern scientific techniques is still in its infancy. The main goal of this (online) workshop is to bring researchers together and examine the current state of scientific studies on pottery across Africa.

Launch call Short Training Programmes - deadline for submission: 1/2/2024

The Global Minds Fund is launching a new instrument: Short Training Programmes (STP). This instrument provides researchers and lecturers affiliated with Ghent University with an opportunity to integrate issues, themes, and expertise related to sustainable development challenges in the Global South into their training and educational activities.

The overarching objective of the Short Training Programmes is to strengthen the quality and relevance of training and educational programmes at Ghent University by bringing in perspectives and expertise from the Global South.



Wishing you a peaceful 2024!

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